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Varicose veins during pregnancy

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Varicose veins are most often seen in the defeat of the veins and adjacent vessels. When Berenancy is a very common disease. Varicose changes often occur on the legs, on the genitals, in the pelvis. But pregnancy is not necessary to postpone, and varicose veins often occurs in just pregnant. The main reason for its development is in pregnant women, it becomes dramatically increase the load on the legs (and trunkingvessels, respectively) due to its own set of mass of the body and the fetus. Besides, can develop as a result of:

1. Hormonal changes. As a result, the veins can not normally as before, and begins to pump blood stagnation.
2. Low level of physical activity. If there are no contraindicationspregnant, the charging can be done.
3. High venous pressure, because the blood of pregnant women is more fluid.

Everything else, varicose veins can be of various kinds, here are some of them:

- varicose veins on the legs;
- varicose veins of the uterus (as a result of inflammatory processes, failuremenstrual cycle);
- varicose veins vagina.

It is necessary to take action and make frequent prevention. If you notice, although something similar to the symptoms of the disease - quickly go to the doctor. Avoid varicose veins during pregnancy can be. Need to get rid of high heels, to add to his regime is employ-ment as swimming, douche. You just have to sleep on your left side to reconsider its power. And if you want to have a therapeutic effect in this period, you will need to wear compression stockings, as well as take in, horse chestnut extract, based on heparin. First of all, you need a very responsible to monitor their health, and tostanding, since without it anywhere.

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