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What is the IRR (vegetative dystonia sosudochnaya)

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Today, people often tormented by headaches. And the setGIH interested in the question, what is the reason, what is the nature of such pain? Going to the doctor with a problem, we often diagnosed VVD (vegetative dystonia sosudochnaya). &Nbsp; more about this disease, see the medical portal

This disease has no age boundaries, it is also observed in children, and have takentall. This is our fee for scientific and technological progress, in a very rapid pace of our lives. And life requires us to return all the vital forces, when we learn or   work. Besides a lot of stressful situations is not very beneficial effect on our body.

VSD term is outdated, it would bethis disease called autonomic dysfunction, and causes of   different:

  • hereditary;
  • CNS disease;
  • chronic diseases (cardiovascular and endocrine systems   or gastrointestinal tract);
  • constant stress, overload, overwork.

IRR is not just a headache, it can manifest itself in different forms and syndromes:

  1. Cardiovascular (CVD) - broken heart rate, blood pressure is constantly changinged, often pale, hands   and feet are often cold;
  2. hyperventilation syndrome – difficulty breathing, breathing is quickened, the feeling of lack of air;
  3. Irritable bowel syndrome   - Frequent aching pain in the lower abdomen, abdominal, Violation of appetite, nausea, vomiting;
  4. Increased sweating;
  5. Tsistolgiya - problems with the urinary system;
  6. Sexual Disorders;
  7. Disorders of thermoregulation.

For the treatment and prevention of VSD recommended breathing exercises, relaxation (yoga), getting rid of bad habits, more rest,   make regular walking outdoors, often spending time with interesting people and friends. And then the disease will not torment you, and you will feel good.

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