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What are pesticides

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In recent years, the problem has become particularly relevant applicationpesticides and agrochemicals in agriculture and study their impacts on the environment and human health.

Pesticides - chemicals used in agriculture to combat diseases of crops, range of pests and rodents, as well as contribute to the destruction of weeds.Ability to accumulate in the soil and plants. Pesticide residues migrate up the food chain and accumulate in the bodies of humans and animals. Pesticides - one of the hazards of environmental pollution. Simply put, pesticides - all the chemicals used for killing the pests and agrochemicals - fertilizers used for chemicalcal soil improvement.

In the process of pesticide use and implementation of sanitary control over their application, special attention should be paid to the observance of recommended application rates of drugs. Overestimation of consumption rates can lead to significant accumulation of chemicals in the environment and receivemy products.

Economic activity in the trade of pesticides and agrochemicals is carried out only on the basis of the Law of Ukraine.

Despite the fact that people in Ukraine is considered the highest social value, should take effective measures to prevent notnegative influence of pesticides on health. We can not exclude the possibility of using pesticides in agriculture, but it should be possible to reduce their use and thus reduce the negative impact on the human body.

Around the world, intensive development of new drugs to reduce harmfulOn the impact of pesticides on the environment and humans. In recent years, development of new, environmentally-friendly products, which are decomposed in the soil completely into carbon dioxide and water. Therefore, in this regard, Ukraine should learn from the positive experience of Japan, the US, France and other advanced countries in the direction of the use of pesticides but-generation, which are developed on the basis of lactic acid bacteria.

In order to minimize the negative impact of pesticides on all living things, they must be used in minimal quantities, store in a safe place and strictly follow the instructions, and when working with them, always wear protective clothing .If possible, make better use of low-toxic pesticides.

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