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Charitable Fund of Ukraine "Nebayduzh My Heart

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Charity in our BPEmja – rare thing, not inherent to many people, but even in such times are indifferent people ready to do good unselfishly. The most prominent representative of the charity fund movement is "Nebayduzh insertions." Combining the warmth of all do not care fund established three programs to charitable assistance:

  • Zakhyst kranu;
  • Turn welcome;
  • healthy natsya

"Nebayduzh My Heart", thanks to the program "Zahist kranu", has already collected millions of hryvnia to support the Ukrainian Army – our defenders. In spite of the heroic struggle of our armed forces with the enemy army, stategovernmental unit is not able to fully ensure the fighters on the front line, and in the rear. That is why the charity fund "Nebayduzh insertions" deals with regular support of internal troops of the National Guard and volunteer battalions in the first place – Food and Drug Administration, as required by our fighters. Helpbattalion and brigade carried out by volunteers fund "Nebayduzh insertions" directly on the front line, where the supply of the army is particularly acute on the agenda. With healthy and well-fed military Ukraine will win this war.

Just fund established program "turn the good." This allows you to charityprovide orphans, needy from boarding schools and rehabilitation centers to support not only food and clothing, but also to provide adequate training and attention. It is thanks to this program, kids with disabilities and complex diseases may feel full members of society, despite the lack ofcare from their parents.

implements the "Health natsya." It is this support gives hope to the lives of many kiddies out of the ordinary families who can not afford expensive surgery for complex diseases such as leukemia, cancer, and other fibroplastoma. Thanks to such assistance has dozens of children sexchili qualified treatment in clinics domestic and foreign from the best specialists in the world.  
Save the report to systematically produces its many philanthropists on the site that allows you to not doubt the good intentions of the Fund. There is no doubt that such organizations bring many more good in this world.

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