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Correction of ingrown nails

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Ingrown nails are not just cause discomfort when walking. If untreated, progresses ingrowthand may make it impossible to step on the foot. There is swelling with pus. Such a step will already require surgical intervention. So much easier to take preventive measures than cure.

What leads to the abnormal growth of nails? First of all, errors in pedicure. If you cut the nail tooshort and leave uneven edge, increase the chance of growing. Also this disease is a genetic predisposition. Dangerous is wearing too narrow shoes, fungal diseases and injuries of fingers.

Home treatments include:

  • Baths with soapsnoy foam. They are taken for 20 minutes, then the skin is disinfected and steamed shift wool, leaving room for the growth of the nail. The treatment is repeated until the edge of the nail plate will not grow beyond the skin;
  • Bath sea salt and castor oil. 3 liters of water take a glass of salt and one-third cup of oil. Percentedura similar;
  • Compress aloe. Leaves clean and knead into mush, wrapped with gauze and applied to the ingrown part. Soft wear warm socks and leave for 4 hours;
  • The dressing of oil. To fix the nail or use butter or lemon peel with a vegetableth. After a hot bath liberally applied it to the place of growing, fix the bandage and left overnight;
  • onion with honey. Mush of onion and honey in handy if came to the boil.

rectify the situation lasts about 2 weeks. During this period the need to frequently change socks and strangless legs to prevent infection, more and try to walk barefoot wearing only comfortable shoes.

The methods in the clinic:

1. Surgery. The traditional way, it is the least favorite. Correction itself takes a little time, but the wound is,shte long heals, causing discomfort.

2. Installing corrective plates and brackets. They can be metallic or transparent plastic. In mild cases, have to walk with them for 2-3 months, running problem will require 6-9.

3. Professional pep with tamponade. is used in the not too complicated cases. Regular medical pedicure will help to correct the problem and prevent recurrence.

Watch out for healthy nails. Do not wear uncomfortable shoes on a flat or too high heels. Choose quality leather and nubuck, only natural materials acceptie the shape of feet and « breathe & raquo ;. Adjust your stride. And, of course, at the first sign of trouble, contact the experts. Then the treatment of diseases of the nail will be quick and easy.

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