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Laundry in the washing machine VS. Washing by hand.

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Although baby clothes washed by hand and not infrequently inseven, but, however, from this lesson, no one is safe. Why propose understand all the intricacies of this uneasy case. One of the features of the wash basin should be to identify the most appropriate tool for this purpose, namely, baby soap or soap flakes. Incidentally, this is the soap chips is nothing but a grated pageuzhka ordinary bar of soap. Thus, there is no problem to do it yourself and at home.

Washing machine rinses underwear most perfectly than it can be done manually. Why hand-washing should be paid special attention to the stage rinse. If you're not wash away the detergentwith clothes, it may cause irritation to the baby on his still so sensitive skin. And in this case, all your efforts aimed against allergies simply go down the drain.

weak of hand washing is also considered to spin clothes (washing machine in this regard successfully at times). It is therefore necessary byt is also ready and to such things, that would be a long time to dry. If you suspect your child to wash clothes by hand several times, then it would be nice to think in advance and for ensuring that your baby had a sufficient number of clothes.

It is a big plus laundry by hand in the fact thatThis washing method itself most hygienic. In the washing machine after you wash and also their own, ie, adult things, but in this case you will be able to allocate special laundry your child a separate bowl, which no one will be used for something else.

In addition to all this,For hand washing you have the opportunity to use any means at your request – wash, perhaps as baby soap, and a very popular soap chips, and it is quite possible child detergent. At the same time, the washing machine is more fastidious in this respect, whereby the wash is followed by aopportunities powder or watery various means (even the most suitable soap chips, but first it is advised to melt in plain water).

The advantages of the washing machine can be attributed to a number of obvious superiority that is the most effective spin (ie, the ability to quickly dry your clothing fordy), and better and more thorough rinsing of laundry, because it is important not so much to find the right detergent for laundry, but wash it well to complete the wash. Incidentally, many of today models of washing cars even have a special children's laundry mode. And in the machine where this mode is not available, we recommend that you pick up onptsiyu "double rinse." Regardless of which method you pick up laundry, dirty children's clothes must be maintained in a separate container of clean linen, and, of course, without mixing with adult (washed, of course, also need to separately), as well as for drying things, recommended to take a room with low humidity,To avoid any contact with toxic mold. Because your bathroom often does not meet these requirements, then many have baby clothes to dry in the kitchen.

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