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Histoplasmosis syndrome eyes

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The course of the syndrome ocular histoplasmosis can be asymptomatic or be accompanied bysya blurred vision or distorted images. The disease starts mainly after living or traveling in the valley of the Ohio and Mississippi rivers. The age of patients predominantly 20-50 years.

  The most important objective symptoms include:

  1. The examination of the fundusdetects yellowish-white round spots with a diameter of 1 mm, located deep in the retina anywhere fundus ("gistopyatna");
  2. choroidal neovascular membrane of the macula in the form of gray-green patches under the retina that is combined with sensory detachment of the retina, the accumulation of blood or fluid under the retinaOr pigment ring, which eventually turns into a scar in the shape of a disk;
  3. atrophy or scarring area adjacent to the optic disc, sometimes with nodules and hemorrhages. Pigment rim sometimes separates the drive from the site atrophy and scarring.

Other symptoms include linear strip chorioretinal atrophy in the periphery of the retina. There is no inflammation of the eye.

  For the treatment of histoplasmosis syndrome eyes used . laser photocoagulation is used in the presence of HNVM macula. When choosing a method of treatment should be considered inLevel of blood pressure. Prophylactic laser photocoagulation (eg., The absence of HNVM) is not recommended. Antifungal treatment is ineffective.

The treatment should be carried out in the first 72 hours after confirmation of the presence HNVM at FA. All patients (who are being treated, which can not be treated catorym had treatment) should use the Amsler grid daily self-rec. They must be informed of the need to see a doctor when sudden changes of view. Patients treated should rescan after 2-3 weeks, 4-6 weeks, 3 months, 6 months after treatment and then - every 6months. At each visit, you need to conduct a survey of the macular area. FA was repeated after 2-3 weeks after treatment and education for suspected neovascularization. Patients who chorioretinal neovascular membrane is absent, subject to re-examination every 6 months for changes of the macula in one or both eyes, and a year - nWhen there is no disease of the macula in both eyes.

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