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Collarbone and her most frequent injuries

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The clavicle (lat. Clavicula) — This is now bone of man, which serves to connect the bodythe upper limb. Has a dual form, above the first rib. With the help of the clavicle scapula takes a position which allows the hand to move freely and easily. Like a key that opens the lock, performs the collarbone   movement about an axis during lifting arm. Therefore, one of the most important functions of the   Bone — support.  

Joining hands with the body, provides the greatest flexibility. Also, the bone is necessary protection of nerves, blood and lymph vessels. Joints — the weakest point of the clavicle, so you should pay them a lot of attention at the first sign of pain and uncomfortable sensations. Meanwhile bolit has recently seen a huge number of people who due to negligence injure the bone and experiencing damage that affect their activities. Among them are:

a) fractures;
b) dislocation of the shoulder joint (acromioclavicular - clavicular joint);
c) osteolysis (destruction) of bone.
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Very often, the majority of children and teenagers suffer fractures of the clavicle. Also   victims of trauma may be people involved in   contact sports (wrestling, football, basketball, hockey, etc.). The main features of these fractures is: stewed shoulder girdle odutlost, shape-shifting clavicle. One of the main prichJohn fractures — direct trauma, generating a sharp pain and discomfort. Therefore, you should be careful, gentle,   and always ready   provide first aid in such cases.

For example, to ease the pain of the victim, give his hand a position so that the muscles can be in complete relaxationstate. Then, bend both arms at the elbows of the patient, take back the forearm and stick behind his back so that she could stay in the elbow. A huge role in this case, play bandage with which to bandage bent at the elbow   hand to the body. After that, you should immediately take the injured to the hospital.

With regard to the treatment of clavicular fractures, are adjusted fixing bandages. If an open or closed fracture of the clavicle observed damage to the nerves, blood vessels and pleura, then you need to do the operation. For small fractures, there is no negative consequences, since   fracture has just two monthsfused.  

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