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Yoga - a great alternative to playing sports in pregnancy

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Despite the fact that the person is a unique creationtion of nature, the apex of its evolutionary process, a self-contained air which can make adjustments not only in their lives, but also in the very nature of life, he still obeys the basic instincts. The main of these instincts is the instinct of procreation, and thereby to preserve and enhance the human population.

There is no doubt, the birth of a child is one of the brightest pages in the life of each of us, and especially his mother, who had previously had for nine months to wear this little miracle under the heart. During this time, the majority of pregnant women are gaining considerably in weight, hormonal changes and structural background that immediately skazyvaetsI am the general condition (swelling of the legs, back pain, etc.).

This is because the resources of the parent organism starts to pick on their needs baby and the mother, in spite of all the ill-wishers, you need to keep yourself in shape. No, it certainly does not mean that you must actively zanimatsI exercise and a reasonable diet - all extremely hurt your unborn baby, and may even terminate the pregnancy.

But yoga classes that can support your muscles awake, that will soothe your nerves and get rid of unpleasant effects such as toxicity, are not redundant. Incidentallyminute, if you live in St. Petersburg and decided Activities, then you need to visit the center, "Iyengar" - the first yoga center in St. Petersburg, which was founded back in 1994. Today, in the center employs more than 20 teachers, there are several modern fully-equipped room and have more than 30 types of programs, which include programs forpregnant women. Such programs and activities characteristic postures (asanas) yoga pregnant developed and tested in practice more than once. Their main feature is the comfort, gentle exercise - and then the child will develop an active and safe, and the mother will feel much better.

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