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What is the flux and how to treat

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Most of the diseases in the medical practice are too intricate nameI, which, in practice, popularly referred to as a simple and easy to understand. Such a situation exists with the state when inflamed periosteum in the upper or lower jaw, which in dental practice called odontogenic abscess. In people, this condition was referred to as a flux.

Almost all ofWe once in my life experienced this disease, if not personally, then at least someone's example (bloated cheek very hard to miss). The cause of the disease in most cases becomes dolechenny time or not cured tooth (tooth decay, trauma, and so on. D.). As a result of falling into the tooth cavity pathogenic bacteriaial microorganisms developing inflammatory process that causes flux. Accompanied by purulent inflammation, which can lead to disastrous consequences enough.

Treatment flux is only possible in a clinical setting, through various therapeutic aid (depending on the degree etc.oyavleniya disease). By the way, can be found by visiting the blog useful tips. Likely have to open and process the aching tooth cavity with antiseptic drugs. Despite the fairly common practice of treating the flux in the home, it can bring only temporary relief and still force you to consult a doctor.

Home treatment is used for reducing inflammation. It uses tools capable of "pulling" inflammation - cabbage leaves, sage, yellow card, and various rinsing, for example, soda-brine, broth sage, calendula.

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