Production of Art Life Company

Complexes for systemic effects
The human body has a high adaptive capacity, provided the functional usefulness of all major regulatory systems. It is possible only in the presence of macro-and micronutrients necessary to maintain and restore the cell membranes and enzymes. Of particular importance is the support resources of the body B under non-specific processes in the physical and psychological stress, vospaleiii, violation of nutritional support for organs and tissues.
Complexes for systemic effects on the Company Aotlayf - it's complex, providing support for the functional activity of all organs, timely tissue repair, cell membranes, intracellular feomentov. It is composed of matter underlying the normal functioning of regulatory systems, and consequently the whole body.

Fitogeli - an innovative product company Artlife. They are based on a combination of rich experience of traditional medicine, science and advanced manufacturing technologies.
Fitogeli are ripped from the complex of plants, grouped in a common biological role and direction of a single exposure to the organism. Blended vegetable extracts on the basis of a polysaccharide not only have a restorative effect, but also allow for quick, focused and effective response to the problem of the body. The reason for the high rate of biological effect fitogeli - in their unique way. The active ingredients blended extract (vitamins and other bioactive molecules, minerals) are in the dissolved form, falling into the stomach, absorption begins immediately and 15 minutes from the start of absorption into the blood stream.
The gel form makes the product easy to use: no need to wash down fitogeli water, and the effect of the reception is achieved much faster than in the use of tablets or capsules. Fitogeli convenient to take along when traveling, to keep on hand in case of emergency health problems. In addition, the recovery by an individual program of fitogeli - is clinically proven effective way to prevent aggravation of existing chronic diseases. These studies convincingly demonstrate the benefit of fitogeli Artlife how to address the various disorders in the organs and systems, and to prevent their occurrence. Fitogeli suitable for consumption rates, the only exception is "Sedagel." Gentle with no side effects dosage form allows an individual to receive the duration of the course depending on the severity of the pathological state. This is especially important feature for people with fitogeli alimentary-dependent diseases, for which the correction of diet and possible presence of a number of biologically active substances - the main component of quality of life.

There is a condition of the body, which arise suddenly, can not be combined with the normal professional activities, knock out of the habitual rhythm of life. If time does not take counter-measures, such states are capable of provoking a serious violation of vital body functions.
In order to control the unforeseen health problems, need quick symptomatic treatment, which are designed to provide new products from Artlife - Symptom-gels.

The plants and converted into long served as a source of active substances that are beneficial to health. Traditional medicine has a wide arsenal of plant origin, intended to aid the body in various pathological conditions. Many plants have a fairly diverse range of those rapevticheskogo-action. Their active ingredients are able to exert a systemic effect on the body, providing a multifaceted complex that regulates the action.
Traditional recipes of traditional medicine specialists Art-Life made comfortable and easy to use. Stewed fruit - an ancient Russian name a drink based on herbal extracts and fruit and berry juice stewed fruit retains all the nutrients of plant origin, easily dosed and rightfully called the health drinks.
Different in ingredient content, broths can add corrective action bioactive complexes that direction.

Elite biologically active complexes
Products elite series - this unity of form and content. They paired exquisitely multifaceted action of proven active ingredients, presented by the nature itself, with the classic elegance of form.
Modern technological capabilities and high scientific potential of the Company Artlife allowed to create a product that provides a biological effect on the cellular level. Technology developed for the creation of bioactive complexes elite series, provides the interaction of biomolecules active ingredients directly to the cells of the body, creating health at the level of organization and regulation of critical life processes.

Each product of elite series - a combination of two complementary systems:
• GOUTTES VIVA - nanosorbent new generation - which prepares the body for maximum absorption of active ingredients.
• UNIQUE biologically active complexes in the form of tablets frame.

Frame tablet core of bioactive complex has the property given and sustained release of active substances, but its skeleton is not of an inert carrier, as in the case of pharmaceutical tablets skeletal frame contains a unique antioxidant complex "Tsifrol-5." Unique "Tsifrol-5" in the. that some of its material instantaneously reacts with free radicals to form inactive compounds other components of the complex is reacted with these compounds, assuming the free radicals and restoring the first anti-oxidant agent Such a chain reaction increases the period of "Tsifrola-5" a few times compared with each of its components. This unique antioxidant complex is no coincidence as the basis for an elite series of products Artlife designed to support the proper energy metabolism, as well as the flawless functioning of the heart and nervous system. It is free radikapy, according to scientists, are among the factors causing major disruption to these systems of the body

H & B control 
The word "metabolism" in nyatno everyone. However, in everyday life is a phrase often mentioned in connection with diseases of the endocrine nature. And yet these two words is hidden deeper meaning: the metabolic processes provide life itself. These words - and the level of life processes in the body and health, and the activity of thinking, and outward signs.
One of the unpleasant consequences of metabolic disorders is overweight. Excess body weight is not inherent nature as a norm and is a modifiable risk factor for many social diseases.
Recent developments in the field of dietetics and Nutrition form the basis of a new program for the normalization of metabolism in overweight "H & B control».