Find out more about your body

Power - one of the most important factors determining the state of the health. "Man is what he eats" - so says a popular proverb.

The need for food - a vital requirement of any organism, from bacteria to humans. And if we reflect on why this is so? When trying to justify the need for proper, balanced diet, suggests that the human body is a complex of chemical substances (proteins, fats, carbohydrates, etc.) that occurs in the body metabolism, and that needed to build a body of matter we have to get out of food. But the body - not a "cocktail" of chemical substances ve, it has a complex structure, and the organs and tissues in its structure perform different specialized functions for the activity: the heart drives blood through the vessels, the lungs supply oxygen and carry away carbon dioxide, kidneys eliminate unnecessary ve matter and excess water ... And all the organs, all tissues are composed of cells.

The living cell - is a very complex system consisting of the set of elements, each of which has its own characteristics in structure and chemical composition.
Proteins - the basis of all the components of the cell. They are both "building blocks", and included in the metabolism, and perform various specialized functions. Thus, proteins, enzymes are catalysts of complex biochemical reactions in living cells. Special contractile proteins - actin and myosin - are part of the muscle cells. Protein-receptor, located on the cell membrane, provide, connecting with the regulatory substances such as hormones, cell response to these factors.
Fats, or lipids, are an essential component of the membranes that make up the cell membrane, nucleus and cellular elements - organelles. Consequently, the amount and composition of the fat depends on the stability of cell membranes, and thus the viability of the cell. Lipids are a valuable energy material, and as they accumulate in specialized fat cells. Incorporated into lipids and the synthesis of certain hormones - steroids, which include, for example, the sex hormones.
Carbohydrates - the main source of energy that is so necessary for all biochemical reactions in the cell. In addition, complex carbohydrates, polysaccharides, are part of the cell walls and intercellular substance, which provide em normal "habitat" of the cell, the so-called endoekolo-topological spaces. It is the state of the protein-polysaccharide complexes ngh intercellular substance linked to the permeability for different compounds.
Vitamins and minerals needed to maintain metabolic processes. Some of them are included in enzymes - catalysts of biochemical reactions ditch, others are necessary "raw material" for the synthesis of substances involved in the processes of cell activity and the whole organism.

Thus, the human body needs a constant for a complete set of offenses of various nutritional elements in food composition. Natural foods that contain triangle buoy number of nutrients and bioactive substances that have healthy properties - a so-called functional food products. Their efficiency is proven, and most importantly, they are absolutely safe, they have no side effects, no contraindications.

Functional food products are able to correct immune, micro-and makroelementny, the redox status of the human body, increase resistance to stress, and they contribute to overall improvement of the body and slow the aging process.