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Prevention of inactivity by fitogeli Artlife
Urban civilization has given us a lot of unique features: a few hours to travel long distances or one-touch remote control to lift heavy loads. In order to get food, our ancestors have applied a lot of physical effort.
A modern metropolis dweller enough to drive and drive to the nearest supermarket. We move too little!
Most of us work while sitting (on the computer, driving, behind a desk). Our hobbies are also linked to "sit" position: cinema, concert, stadium. Severe inactivity there in the winter, when cold weather prevents us from regular and long walks. Dangerous than lack of exercise? As a result of the lack of regular exercise our muscles are deprived of the necessary training and atrophy, weakening the strength of heart contractions, decreased vascular tone, decreases blood flow to tissues, metabolism slows down. A portion of physical activity needed for good health. It is best to choose a form of exercise that will not only benefit the body, but adds a new positive emotions. It could be dancing, swimming pool, regular exercise in the "body-flex," or even bracing massage. However, the abrupt exit from the state of "hibernation" is fraught with problems for the body untrained muscles start to hurt, stabs somewhere in my side According to statistics, not all people who began to attend training, continue to do so for at least three months.
However, if in advance to prepare your body for increased physical stress, health problems can be avoided. Ten days before the start of regular training, think about the existence of morning exercises and go through a training program to the physical body load based on natural fitogeli Artlife. Three fitogeli - "Dzhointgel", "Urogel" and "Sorbiogel" - form a harmonious exchange balance in the tissues of ligaments, joints and muscular system to help adapt to the load. Working from the inside, the ingredients help to improve fitogeli Artlife posture, provide the proper level of food joints and ligaments. It accelerates the positive effects of exercise or massage enhances the positive effects on overall health. Mild diuretic effect, "Urogelya" promotes the removal of lactic acid and other metabolic waste products that accumulate as a result of muscular work. Acceleration of metabolism under the influence of active movement or massage may also be accompanied by the accumulation of harmful products of metabolism, so the program includes "Sorbiogel." It binds and removes from the body metabolism, as well as excess fat and the wrong foods cholesterol metabolism, improves liver function, prevention of digestion. Ingredients "Dzhointgelya" supports ligaments and joints from overload, contribute to the restoration and preservation of the structure of the skin. Patronage will help you to get involved fitogeli mode of exercise, and by spring you will become noticeably more slender, younger-looking and fit.
And one more fact that has great value for a person to think seriously to unload the body after the winter: it is a natural pectin gels basis. Pectin - a kind of dietary fiber. Once in the digestive tract, they increase in volume and create a feeling of satiety. It is useful to those included in your daily routine workout or massage course, as it allows to carry out prevention of overeating. It is well known: during active sports increased appetite.
The training program of the organism to increase physical activity, the rate of massage based on fitogeli Artlife. Course of 10 days
"Sorbiogel" 1 tbsp. l. night fasting, drinking a glass of water
"Dzhointgel" 1 tsp. 2 times a day with breakfast and dinner
"Urogel" 1 tsp. 2 times a day with breakfast and dinner

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