Art Life Cosmetics

The functional approach is to create a new line of cosmeceutical body care Functional Cosmetics is to effectively influence the biologically active substances on the surface of the skin and in deep layers of it. Recent scientific advances in this field allow us to solve such important tasks as monitoring and control process of the transfer of active substances through the various layers of the skin, each of which has its own idiosyncrasies. The composition of all of the line of body care products company Artlife Cremophor RH 40 is that its structure is similar with both lipophilic (fat-soluble components of the absorbent) horny layer and the hydrophilic (water-soluble components absorbing) dermis. Cremophor RH 40 splits the molecule of active ingredients to a size that allows to implement an accelerated transdermal transport of active ingredients into the deeper layers of the skin, specifically addressing a particular problem of health and beauty.
Body Cream restores FC 
Body Cream restores Functional Cosmetics is designed to strengthen the vessel walls, improving tone and elasticity of capillaries. Active flavonoids extract of the leaves of red grapes have antioxidant effects, protects blood vessels from damage by free radicals. Enhance blood flow provides an extract of horse chestnut, which normalizes the metabolism in tissues and eliminates the signs of superficial inflammation. Extracts of balm mint and remove the feeling of heaviness and tiredness in the legs, relieve swelling. As a result, restoring body cream provides prevention and treatment of the primary symptoms of chronic venous insufficiency, such as a feeling of heaviness in the legs, swelling, pronounced capillary pattern anywhere on the body, ensures the recovery of tissue after injuries, bruises.
Body cream massage with thermal effect of FC 
The action is aimed at preventing the cream joint and muscle pain. Phyto extracts of Siberian fir, willow bark and dandelion root stimulates the microcirculation and metabolism at the cellular level, has a regenerating and antioxidant action. Shea Butter deeply nourishes the skin, activates its protective function, eliminates the discomfort, provides high-quality massage framework. The extract of red pepper has a profound effect warming, eliminating discomfort. The result is a reduction of pain in the muscles, increase mobility in the joints, significantly reducing the duration of treatment and recovery from injuries and diseases of the locomotor apparatus.
Body Lotion modeling FC 
Body Lotion modeling designed to combat cellulite and improve skin elasticity. At the heart of the lipolytic complex special cream of vegetable origin, which helps to reduce the adipocyte cells to normal size, which allows you to ease the pressure on the epidermis and smooth skin texture. L-carnitine and caffeine active transforming lipids into energy cells have a marked effect modeling. Grape seed oil improves skin tone and elasticity. Use cream with a daily massage is especially effective in stimulating blood circulation, lymphatic drainage and elimination of toxins. As a result, Body Cream creates a simulated antilipidny barrier to the formation of new fat depot, the skin becomes smooth and elastic.
Mousse Hair FC provides a natural high degree of fixation. The special formula provides lasting volume and natural shine all day long, does not stick and does not increase the weight of the hair. Based on the innovative teplopolimera, mousse is ideal for blow-dry, preventing the destruction of the structure of hair keratin by overheating. Multiaktivnaya formula with provitamin B5 and a mild conditioner strengthens and smooths the surface of damaged hair. Which is part of a highly efficient UV filter protects hair from solar radiation. Daily use of Hair Mousse Functional Cosmetics, not only allows you to create the perfect hairstyle, but also improve the condition of your hair, providing them with hydration and nutrition throughout the day. Your hair is once again full of vitality, they radiate health and beauty! Attention! Now, shampoos and conditioners main line you can buy in a convenient single package. Each pack contains 10 bags, sachets. Lightweight and flexible packaging is indispensable for travel and business trips.
The special formula of cream spray contains a natural moisturizing factor that allows the skin to retain moisture and restore its barrier function. Included in the camellia oil essential fatty acids are the building blocks of the lipid layer. The cream has a light texture, air, instantly absorbed leaving the skin feeling permanently softness and comfort. Like all funds Functional Cosmetics Cream Spray contains Cremophor RH 40, which provides a transdermal transport of bioactive substances into the deeper layers of the skin to target the health problems of the skin. 
Daily care of your body means first of all, pick the right skin care products based on its needs. Skin cleansing is an essential part of maintaining beauty. Dead cells accumulate on the surface, the skin is no longer fully "breathe", looks dim. The use of exfoliating 2-3 times a week helps remove dead skin cells and evening out skin surface and stimulates cell renewal, helps to saturate the skin with oxygen and facilitates penetration of skin active agents.
The gel-scrub shower Functional Cosmetics was created specifically for deep cleaning of the skin. The combination of the abrasive action of silica and nutritional properties of wheat proteins provide effective cleansing and toning. The smallest particles of spherical shape gently removes dead skin cells. The gel-scrub shower intensively refreshes and moisturizes the skin, gives a feeling of freshness and comfort. The skin was prepared to hydrate - a necessary procedure to maintain the physiological balance in the tissues of the epidermis.
Every day our body is faced with many negative factors - aggressive influence of the environment, germs, allergens. This results in ill-health of the skin - there are irritations, cracks and a tendency to dryness. The skin no longer perform its protective function and needs additional support. High-performance formula FC Balm is specially designed for the comprehensive care of the skin. Due to its healing properties of silver fir oil and tea tree restores the protective function of the skin, have bactericidal and antifungal activity. Yarrow extract helps heal microtraumas skin, improves its general condition. Allantoin and D-panthenol moisturize and soften skin, remove scales, activate the regeneration of the skin. Balm has a tonic effect on the skin, has a deodorizing effect, protects from environmental factors.
Foam and emulsion makeup remover Functional Cosmetics In order to permanently preserve youthfulness of skin, you need a daily beauty care. All cosmetic procedures, both home and professional start with a proper cleansing. Company specialists Artlife offer you to choose cleaner, depending on the characteristics of your skin and your individual privychek.Odnim first tool for the purification was soap. Of course, it cleans the skin from dirt, sweat, sebum, but soap is alkaline and acid balance violates the protective layer of skin and its ph-balance. It causes irritation, the appearance of red spots, flaking and itching. On the market for washing detergents in varying degrees in their composition containing soap, which is unacceptable for daily care of the fragile skin. Foam Makeup Remover Functional Cosmetics in its composition does not contain soap and is designed specifically for those who prefer to cleanse your face with water. Air creamy foam gently removes make-up, tightens pores and creates a feeling of freshness and comfort. Natural surfactant based on the essential amino acids oats thoroughly cleanses the skin without disturbing its natural hydro-lipid balance. Jojoba oil enhances the protective function of the skin, prevents it from dehydration. Included in the extract of mate xanthine has the strongest antioxidant effect, many times greater than the effect of vitamin E. This helps protect the lipids of the barrier layer of the skin, cell membranes, and skin tissues from oxidative razrusheniya.Dlya very delicate and sensitive skin prone to allergies and irritations specialists of the Company The emulsion is designed to remove makeup Functional Cosmetics. Thanks to the pro-vitamin B5 emulsion leaves the skin smooth and supple. The structure also includes an extract of mate tea, which stimulates the microcirculation and improves the complexion. The emulsion has a ph identical to tears, so well tolerated, does not irritate the eyes and is suitable for dry sensitive skin.