Manufacturing of Art Life company (Part 1)


The development of an industrial complex built on Artlife design solutions, providing the condition for the fundamental requirements of ISO 9001:2000, ISO 9001:22 000 (HACCP) and GMP Organization of work in accordance with these standards is the strategic direction of the company. The implementation of this trend include a complex of measures affecting the entire production cycle: the introduction of qualified (clean) rooms, modern high-performance equipment. allowing the use of the newest technologies, attraction of skilled personnel Artlife Company uses the equipment of leading world companies as well as a unique non-standard equipment subsidiary Artlife-Techno. High scientific and technological and design potential Artlife-Tech allows the equipment to the highest international standards All equipment is made in view of the requirements for equipment for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and other industries - the requirements of international standard GMP.
The main production Artlife includes workshops for manufacturing dietary supplements. cosmetics, fortified foods, plastics packaging and hard gelatin capsules. Today the company produces more than 150 Artlife different products.