Manufacturing of Art Life company (Part 2)

1 Production of plant extracts
The company produces various Artlife the consistency of herbal extracts: liquid (mobile extraction from plant material), thick (viscous mass containing no more than 25% moisture), dry (dry or porous spongy mass). The raw materials used by different parts of the plant - roots, herbs, leaves, fruits, bark, collected and harvested in accordance with the requirements for each type of raw material.
For the production of extracts used two modern technologies: vortex retokovye mills and ultrasound. This allows you to view active ingredients from plants gentler way to extract more active and intense. Eddy mill for optimum crushing plants, reducing the time of extraction. With ultrasonic technology uses lower temperatures, which reduces the rate of decomposition of active ingredients.

2 Encapsulation
Encapsulation - the process of wrapping (hard gelatin capsule) active substances in any form: powder, spherical beads, microcapsules, pastes, pellets, and other combinations. An important advantage of hard gelatin capsules is the possibility of a combination of several incompatible substances in one capsule. The presence of the gelatin shell also makes it possible to protect the material against adverse factors as the rate and localization of action.

3 Microencapsulation
Microencapsulation - the incorporation of particulate matter in a thin shell of biopolymer materials. The core of the microcapsules can be fat-and water-soluble vitamins and pro-vitamins, enzymes, fatty acids, a mixture of essential oils of various plants and other labile substances. Matrix (thin protective shell) protects the core from oxidation under the influence of environmental factors. In addition, the composition of the microcapsules are included substances that improve the properties of the original components.

Microencapsulation technology allows you to:
to protect active ingredients from the influence of the environment;
maintain the degree of bioactive substances for a longer period.

4 pelletization
Pellet technique is layering formulation components on a spherical solid support. Ingredients are separated by a special enteric-coated, which allows you to connect competing substances and regulate their release into the gastrointestinal tract. As a result of successive absorption of the capsule maximizes the bioavailability of nutrients complex. Pellets with active components assembled into a single complex in the hard gelatin shell.

Pellet technology allows you to:
integrate competing agents;
increase the bioavailability of the components.

5 Multikapsy
Hard gelatin capsules, within which lies an active substance with the addition of oil in the form of powders, suspensions and / or pellets. Technology for the first time allows to combine in one product previously technologically incompatible substances such as fat-and water-soluble.

6 Tableting. Film coating
Tablet - bioactive complex dosage form obtained by compressing the active ingredient and excipients. Tablets have several advantages: small size, precise dosing of active ingredients, easy to store.

Biologically active complexes in the form of tablets may be coated with a special film coating, which allows you to:
increase the strength of tablets;
protect it from external environmental influences (light, moisture, oxygen and carbon dioxide, air);
to mask unpleasant taste and odor pill.

7 Matrix tablet
Matrix tablet produced by modern technology using the latest bio-polymer substances. Matrix tablet consists of three types of granules with active ingredients that are released in a particular order. Thus, this tablet is a system with variable speed and prolonged nature of the selection of active ingredients.

The matrix structure allows the tablet:
divide the components according to their pharmacological and chemical to incompatibility;
sequentially releasing the active ingredients in different parts of the gastrointestinal tract at a given speed.

8 Frame tablet 
Frame structure can be compared to tablets with a sponge, the pores are filled with a variety of active ingredients. The latest technological solutions can maintain the necessary concentration of active ingredients through a controlled rate and the nature of the selection of active ingredients. This is achieved at the expense of a constant concentration of active substances in the body and increases the efficiency of administration. This technology can reduce the number of devices per day, which is more convenient and comfortable for the consumer.

Frame structure of tablets you can:
optimize the pharmacodynamic properties of the active ingredients;
eliminate chemical and pharmacological antagonism with the combination of incompatible substances;
provide the drug on the principle of «once a day». 

9 Gel form
Biologically active complexes in the form of gels equally well deliver both hydrophilic and hydrophobic substances into the body. As the active ingredients can be used in standardized extracts of active substances from a complex blend of herbs, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other nutrients. The number of active components is unlimited and, as a rule, the products of a gel form different multi-component composition. The active ingredients are in fine shape, which reduces the loss of the metabolism and increases the rate of absorption. Substance thickening play a role not only support components, and are active, giving the body a beneficial effect.

Biologically active complexes in the form of gels:
provide rapid directional effects on the body;
easily dispensed;
have excellent organoleptic properties.

10 Fitoliposomy
Fitoliposomy a species of the structural organization of phospholipids in aqueous medium and characterized by high bioavailability, since many characteristics with natural cell membranes in chemical composition.

Structure fitoliposom allows you to:
targeted to deliver intact biologically active substances to target organs;
to strengthen the barrier function of cells;
optimize dosage.

11 Corning
The essence of the granulation technology is applied to the dry semi-finished vehicle, followed by granulation. The advantage of this mode of production is low temperature pelleting (20-25 ° C), allowing to save valuable components of the raw materials used. The granules contain a high concentration of nutrients per unit volume of the product due to high density. For the production of granular products Artlife Company uses a unique automated production line of its own production.