Founded in 1997 Artlife - one of the leading manufacturers of products for beauty, health and longevity. Scientific developments, unique equipment and new technologies are helping the company each year to expand, grow and explore new frontiers. Artlife history - the history of the rapid take-off.


- In Tomsk opens first plant for producing biological active additives;

- Develop partnerships with companies in the Primorsky Krai and the Urals;


- Artlife's production enters foreign markets: Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Belarus etc.


- The company runs the cosmetic production workshop. In the first series of cosmetic products include shampoos and balsams "healthy sheen;


- A laboratory for quality control and security - a key to the Company Artlife structural units;


- Company Artlife occupies a leading position in the industry, becoming a co-founder of the Association of Russian developers and manufacturers of dietary supplements.

- The Company receives a certificate of conformity of quality management system international standard ISO 9001:2000.


- For its employees and partners Artlife introduced corporative recreation base «Artlife -Zaimka» - the place where is collected together the best of the best, a place where dreams come true;


- A company Artlife-Techno, designed to meet the needs of the Company Artlife in the necessary hardware in stainless steel. Design and manufacture of high quality unique equipment allows the company to become a Techno-Artlife worthy supplier for many food and pharmaceutical industries;


- A production and research laboratories - platform for the development of various forms of biologically active additives, the introduction of new technologies, study the properties of biologically active substances and the establishment on the basis of new products.

 - Put into operation new production facilities. The production process is organized in special clean rooms, which comply with the requirements of international standard GMP;


- Established a subsidiary of Artlife-Flora . The company was established to ensure the Company Artlife high-quality vegetable raw materials grown in ecologically clean area of the Altai region.


- Developed a new direction - the production of functional food supplements.


- Company Artlife expands the range of their capabilities, introducing new technology: microencapsulation, dietary supplements in gel form, multicaps etc;

 - The company successfully undergoes recertification and confirms - the quality management system comply with international standard ISO 9001:2000.


- Products Artlife well on the European market. Products certified in Germany, the Baltic States and other countries.


- Company Artlife to passes the certification process for quality and safety of system by HACCP .

- The festival takes place for the first time<< festival of success>> the brightest corporate event!


- Introduced another line of production - the first factory in Russia for production of hard gelatin capsules.

Today Artlife is a symbol of quality and well-being in 150 cities near and far abroad. We have a great future!