Quality and safety policy

Mission of Art Life Company – together to the healthy future.

Field of activity of Art Life Company
Development, introduction and production of:

 Bioactive food supplements; 
 Foodstuffs enriched with bioactive supplements; 
 Cosmetic products and oral hygiene preparations;
 Substances for food industry;
 Hard gelatin capsules;
 Polymer packing.
Production of drugs.

Goal of Art Life Company – production of quality and safe goods, meeting consumers’ expectations and legislative requirements of Russian Federation and countries importing our goods. Products of Art Life LLC are aimed at strengthening public health and preventing the development of improper diet diseases.

Main principles of Art Life Company activities

1. Personal interest and responsibility of top management and each employee of the company for production of quality and safe goods.

2. Product innovation with a glance to consumers’ wishes, changing market trends and scientific development. High-level service and information support for clients.

3. Conditions formed by the management of the company for conscious involvement of employees into the process of quality and safety management. High skilled personnel; constant professional development and realization of each employee’s potential.

4. Tendency to improve present technologies using innovations, up-to-date equipment and breakthrough methods of organizing activities.

5. Management of the company is based on principles and requirements of international standards ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 22000:2005.

6. Building reliable, mutually beneficial, open and sincere relations with all stakeholders, from suppliers to final consumers.

Top management of Art Life Company assumes the responsibility for forming corporate culture and implementing the policy of quality and safety, and takes obligations to improve the effectiveness of management system

Director of Art Life LLC

 A. N. Avstriyevskikh