Venous system - a system of vessels that collect blood from the organs, oxygen-poor and contains products of metabolism. Vienna deliver blood to the pulmonary circulation, where it again becomes saturated with oxygen, leaving the path in the liver for removal of metabolic products.
The peculiar structure of veins is that they have developed muscle membrane. In order that the blood moved through the veins, it is necessary strength of skeletal muscles, acting like a pump, and "Crowd" blood from the periphery of the body to the heart. 
Hypodynamy has been a hallmark of life, especially city dwellers, and this is reflected in the state of veins and their functioning. Just think: without the support muscles of the veins can not be qualitatively carry blood to the heart, develops their overflow valve increasingly difficult to keep a lot of blood, which under the force of gravity tends in the opposite direction. 

In order not arisen retrograde blood flow in the veins have a system of connective tissue valves. Occluding, they impede the movement of blood back to tissues. However, the strength of valves depends on the condition of the connective tissue in the body, which have been adversely affected by poor diet, smoking, low immunity, lack of vitamins. 

Malfunctions of the venous system is impossible not to notice - primarily because of the swelling of tissues. Most suffer leg: a feeling of heaviness in the legs, and sometimes the pain, fatigue, intolerance to exercise - this is evidence that the veins can not handle the work assigned to them. Lack of timely support leads to the development of varicose veins.

Not by chance one of the tributes for benefits of civilization is varicose disease - the widespread disease, which affects roughly one in five people in the world of working age. If you - a resident of the city, 75% of the time conducting while sitting or standing in the same position, and if your life associated with frequent air travel, or because of high demand, you can not set aside time for regular lessons in the fitness club, if the number of your habits include smoking or excessive alcohol consumption, the risk to get varicose disease is increased 4-5 times. 

In the early stages of the disease or to prevent it in actual use of force is a matter of vegetable origin. Even at a very busy Fitness substitute for walking the stairs or walking a walk to work in the morning, and will provide support to the veins inside bioactive complex Venatol of Artlife company. 

Complex Venatol created to strengthen the veins, to reduce the symptoms of varicose disease, or prevent its occurrence through effective prevention.

This spectrum of biological activity determines the composition of bioactive complex Venatol (more on the table).



Chestnut horse 

Venotonic, the acceleration of blood flow in the venous line, lowering the viscosity and slow blood clotting, thrombosis obstacle


Anti-inflammatory, wound healing, analgesic

Ginkgo biloba

Vasodilation, strengthen venous walls, improve metabolism


Anti-inflammatory, immunomodulation, reduces blood viscosity

Vitamin C

Antioxidant, strengthing vessels, protivovpalitelnoe 

Vitamin E

Antioxidant, strengthing vessels, promotes the synthesis of collagen


Immunity, antiatherosclerotic, promotes the synthesis of protein


Strengthing vessels, improves the structural basis of vascular wall contributes to the strength of the connective tissue


Anti-inflammatory, strengthing vessels, antiatherosclerotic, anti-allergic, anti-edematous, soft spasmolytic




Antioxidant, thrombolytic, vasodilator antiatherosclerotic 

Glucosamine sulfate

Anti-sclerotic, strengthening the connective framework of vessels with preservation of its elasticity.


The effectiveness of complex Venatol has been proven clinically. Were observed in 30 patients with varicose disease of lower limbs in various stages ranging from 23 to 58 years, including 22 women and 8 men. Patients were divided into 2 groups - primary (15) and control (15), 7 patients of the main groups are Venatol in combination with Antiplatelet and antioxidants (vitamins A, E, C) and 8 people - as a single agent. In the control group patients received only Antiplatelet agents and antioxidants. 

Of the 8 patients of the main group, host Venatol as a single agent 7 (87.5%) reported disappearance of pain in the lower extremities, fatigue, heavy legs, night cramps during the reception of the complex. Of the 7 patients of the main group with a combined technique Venatol (71%) was marked positive effect (reduced swelling, itchy skin was gone, disappeared or decreased weight in the legs). In the control group, where Venatol was not taken, the positive effects were 9 (60%) patients, and 6 (40%) Supplies the previous complaints. 

It should be noted that with chronic administration Venatol effect of the abolition was no missing the complaint did not come back again.



Figure 1. Dynamics of typical complaints of patients with varicose veins, depending on the type of correction.


In addition, study the influence of bioactive complex Venatol on coagulation parameters. The studies were performed on the basis of the Department of Vascular Surgery EDO (Tomsk) in 20 female patients aged 25 to 50 years, with varicose veins of lower extremities in the stage subcompensation (core group). Patients took a core group of BAA Venatol 1 capsule 3 times a day during the month. Control group consisted of 20 healthy volunteers of similar age and gender. 

Comprehensive analysis of the characteristics of whole blood with the possibility of evaluating the performance of all components of the coagulation system was performed on the unique equipment, invented by scientists of Tomsk - analyzer of blood rheology ABR-01 Mednord (2.K) that registers even a slight change of state of blood, reflecting the internal processes in blood coagulation, sealing his blood clot dissolution 

Increased platelet aggregation in patients with varicose veins is a risk factor for blood clots. Admission complex Venatol normalized this figure.


Figure. Dynamics of platelet aggregation in patients with varicose disease before and after administration of complex Venatol


Indicator velocity of clot formation characterized the activity of the coagulation system in patients with varicose veins as enhanced, but after taking a course complex Venatol she calmed down.



 Fig. Dynamics of the speed of clot formation in patients with varicose disease before and after taking the complex Venatol 

Analyzer Mednord gives an indication of the density of the bunch. She said raising a violation of the properties of blood, increasing the viscosity, the increased risk of thrombotic events. The density of the bunch in patients with varicose disease after receiving complex Venatol decreased and approached normal. 



Fig. Dynamics of the density of a blood clot in patients with varicose disease before and after taking the complex Venatol 

Declining anticoagulation system of blood - as a sign of the risk of thrombotic events, found in patients with varicose veins. Reception complex Venatol contributes to the normalization of pakatelya.





Fig. Dynamics of dissolution of a blood clot in patients with varicose disease before and after administration of complex Venatol  
With a balanced and scientifically-based combination of ingredients complex Venatol has venotonic and anti-inflammatory properties, protects capillaries, improves micro circulation and reduces the elongation, vessels injuries and blood stagnation, reduces the permeability of the capillaries and increases their elasticity, reduces blood viscosity, testimony to the use of complex Venatol serve 
· Chronic venous insufficiency (varicose veins of the lower extremities) 
· Phlebitis 
· Thrombophlebitis 
· Sedentary 
Keeping healthy veins for many years with a set of Venatol, thank you for your attention!