We live in an amazing time: age of technological progress makes it possible to keep up a lot in a short time. We can easily overcome the distance, quickly cope with the tasks of professional and domestic nature. We are able to quickly master the main components of success - information.

Age of information helps us to be successful, but also requires it for his fee: eye strain becomes higher, regardless of gender, age, or the scope of rights.

Visual overload associated with both the professional activities (eg, work with a PC screen) and change the rhythm of life for most people of working age (eg, reduction of time allocated to sleep).

Even schoolchildren have greater visual load. And just because a higher level of employment at the school, but also because the spare time of many busy computer or TV.

Prolonged high load on the eye provokes spasm of accommodation. It is the beginning of decline of visual function and leads to the development of myopia. Have to wear glasses or contact lenses to get used to.

Cyclospasm cunning that is accompanied by debilitating headaches, which are very difficult to diagnose and, therefore, hard to find treatment. And not always clear what exactly in excessive, non-physiological loads on the eyes hiding her cause.

So, reduced visual acuity in the computer age - is the verdict? None. Way to keep the high visual acuity exist. This complex Glazorol from Artlife .


One of the main advantages of this complex is that the design formulas take into account:

1. vision - a process that depends on the quality and quantity of certain nutrients (visual function Impossible without carotenoids and xanthophylls - substances that the human body must obtain from food because they do not have the ability to synthesize them.)

2. eye does not exist separately from the body, and therefore live by its laws (Conduct impulses from the retina along the optic nerve is not possible without calcium and magnesium, which must also come from outside. Nutrients and oxygen enter the blood vessels, they must be strong, resilient ).

Carotenoids, of which forms the visual pigment rhodopsin, which determines the eye's ability to see comes in eye tissues from the outside, with food. These substances are in red and red vegetables and fruits, but as it turned out, over the past 40 years, the value, such as oranges, has undergone serious deterioration. According to researchers, vitamin A (one of the essential carotenoids) decreased from 200 mg per 100 g of fruit in the middle of the twentieth century, up to 21 mg per 100 g of the same at the beginning of the twenty-first century.

Meanwhile, the man has not ceased to be a man: for the normal operation he still needed a whole set of useful components of food! In this case, the most convenient and easiest way to solve the problem of supporting visual function is the application of bioactive complex Glazaorol. Its membership includes 24 ingredient. They are balanced by mutual influence, chosen based on the needs of the human body, whose eyes have an increased load.

Composition of the bioactive complex Glazorol "matched with the needs of visual function in active substances. Glazorol complex - a multi-functional composition of plant substances, amino acids, minerals and vitamins.




Herbal ingredients

Calendula (extract: 5% of zeaxanthin, lutein, 85%)

Saturation of the macular pigment of the retina of the eye, the maintenance of visual acuity

Chokeberry (extract)

And protection from free radicals, anti-inflammatory effect

Lemon (bioflavonoids)

Improvement of microcirculation, strengthening the walls of blood vessels eyes, the prevention of tissue hypoxia eyes


Gotu kola (fruit)

Ginkgo biloba (extract)

Epithelialization, improved blood flow

Amino acids and peptides


Restoration of the epithelium, improving the functioning of the lacrimal glands

L-glutamine acid

Stimulates the transfer of excitation of a nerve fiber, reduces toxicity, prevents the development of hypoxia



L Glutathione

Powerful protection against free radicals



Superoxide dismutase

Protection against free radicals at the cellular level

Trace elements 

Chromium Picolinate

Improving the efficiency of glucose utilization, improve glucose metabolism, nutrition eye tissues

Celine sodium

Activation of antioxidant systems of the body


Biosynthesis of the major enzymes of the organism, the regulation of pigment metabolism



, ,

Vitamin C

Vitamin B5

Improving the exchange of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, increased food tissue of the eye, systemic restorative effect, increasing the resistance to the visual load, reducing fatigue

Vitamin B6 

Vitamin B2 

Vitamin B1 

Vitamin B9

vitamin B3

vitamin 12


Effectiveness of "Glazorol" has been proven clinically. 

To participate in the testing of bioactive complex Glazorol "agreed 32 people, among whom were patients with nonproliferative diabetic retinopathy and patients with early" dry "form of sclerotic macular degeneration. The subjects complained about the distortion of objects in the fundus they observed significant changes, especially in the macular area. All volunteers received bioactive complex "Glazorol", while 20 people, the control group, restored eyesight without the use of bioactive complex.

By the end of the reception of "Glazorol" patients who took it, was a decrease retinal edema, resorption foci of inflammation, reduction of microaneurysms, there was alignment of the caliber of vessels, in a word, decreased clinical signs of disease. In the control group also experienced improvement in clinical symptoms, but the timing of positive dynamics were, on average, more than 18-20%, than those in patients taking "Glazorol.

After a month of reception of "Glazorol" patients showed signs of improvement, and they (Fig. 1). In the control group in most cases there was an increase in visual acuity in the range 0,1-0,2 units, whereas in the group of patients receiving "Glazorol, managed to achieve improvement of visual acuity to 0.3 units or more.


Figure 1 Dynamics of vision improvement in patients receiving complex Glazorol and the traditional vision correction (control) 

Complex "Glazorol has an important advantage over other means for vision correction. It is the systemic effect of the complex. Clinically proven in patients receiving complex Glazorol, noted marked improvement of general condition, increase efficiency, reduce fatigue compared with the data on the status of the control group.

Bioactive Complex Glazorol "improves visual acuity, a positive effect on nutrition eyes, helps increase the stability of the eye to the increased load. In connection with this method of "Glazorol" shows almost all who wish to as long as possible to preserve vision, as in his youth, people with eye diseases, as well as those whose activity is connected with the eye strain (demonstrating the slide, if desired, listing all the recommendations made by the Admission complex):

• increased visual fatigue

• decreased visual acuity

• intense and prolonged pressure on the eyes

• prevention of age-related diseases eye

• violation of color vision

• comprehensive treatment of cataracts begins

• myopia of high to medium

Thank you for your attention.