Jelly Oatmeal with plantain

Useful properties of oat jelly noticed our ancestors. Traditionally, this product is used for feeding young children and workers engaged in heavy physical labor. As modern scholars have proven therapeutic and prophylactic effect of oatmeal jelly due to its balanced high nutritional value. Oats are rich in starch, vegetable proteins, unsaturated fatty acids, amino acids, vitamins, antioxidants, trace elements and valuable fiber. It is viscous properties of oat fiber - an important factor that improves the gastrointestinal tract. Oat fiber normalizes the function of the intestinal mucosa, its motility, prolongs the process of digestion, creating a feeling of comfort in the stomach. In addition, the oats is a natural biological stimulant and slows the aging process of cells, increases stamina and tone the body, contributes to active longevity.

A unique combination of nutrients can recommend a product prepared on the basis of oats in the treatment and prevention for people of all ages. But unfortunately, at home to cook oatmeal pudding is very difficult: you must be sure as raw materials and spend a lot of time and effort. The company's specialists Artlife in the creation of oatmeal jelly «Herbal Active» applying innovative technology that allowed to retain all the useful elements and make the product simple and easy to prepare.


In addition to a useful basis oatmeal pudding «Herbal Active» from the company Artlife contains the composition and other important health components - an extract of psyllium, dietary fiber and vitamins. Plantain helps to regenerate the mucosa of the gastrointestinal tract and has anti-inflammatory, enveloping and antimicrobial effect, helps remove pus-producing bacteria. No less important are the soluble dietary fiber, which improves the motor function of the intestine, is an effective sorbent, as well as stimulate the local immunity. Against this background, a fully assimilated vitamin complex, rendering restorative effect. Thus, a balanced multi-component composition makes oatmeal pudding «Herbal Active» Artlife this company on life support system, which underpins good health.

Oat pudding «Herbal Active» passed clinical testing at the clinic of infectious diseases, Faculty of Pediatrics, Siberian State Medical University. The first, rated oatmeal pudding with plantain were young patients and their mothers. Agreeing to participate in your child's clinical testing of the product Artlife, parents were allowed to include jelly in the scheme of therapy of acute intestinal infection to her baby. Confirmation of the effectiveness of the product was to improve clinical disease: rapidly ceases diarrhea, feel better, which was manifested in the normalization of sleep and appetite.