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Therapeutic collars pain in the neck

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Until recently, what some 60 years ago, mainly the elderly,   often complained Mr.and pain in the back and neck. And today we see a picture that suffers from such pain is much younger than their generation. In connection with the development of computers, the younger generation spends his time on the sports fields and a soccer field, but at home in front of the monitor. As a consequence of this pain in the neck, and later development of cervical degenerative disc disease. Is Thisth disease affects people whose activities are related to the frequent trips and flights.

As soon as the pain in the neck should be worn, recognized   Today the most effective   curative and prophylactic. Through this collar can be removed increased load on the neck and back. COtemporary market are healing collars of three types: inflatable cervical collar; Schantz collar; Hard healing collar.

The most popular inflatable received healing collar. The principle of operation is very simple ego. Gently pulling the cervical vertebrae, it promotes normal blood circulation neck and golovnogo brain and restores damaged tissues of the neck. Therapeutic collar is fully capable to restore the sensitivity of the upper limb motion and   head.
As a precaution of diseases such as hernia, scoliosis, vascular dystonia, headaches, low back pain, chronic fatigue syndrome and many other doctors owlsetuyut   apply a collar. And yet, no matter how   was not effective healing collar, no matter how many you have not heard good reviews about its application before you buy yourself a collar, consult an expert, whether you can wear it.

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