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Where can I recharge the fire extinguisher

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Fire Extinguisher — Excellent toolabout serving   to protect homes, buildings, public facilities, etc. fire emergency. As you know, for the emergence of a huge flame, only one spark. Therefore, you should consider the presence of a fire extinguisher in the house, so as not to get lost in such situations. But we should not forget that this tool needs to be mandatory Technance, which aims to fully meet its performance.

Each fire extinguisher must be recharged at least once for   withdrawal problems and troubles. Especially has a huge advantage and, in fact, will allow you to save money on buying a new Ognetovextinguisher.

The company « MIC » provide you with a variety of services related to maintenance   Extinguishing Media. In addition, the company is engaged in the replacement of components of fire extinguishers,   their diagnosis and refueling powder and carbon dioxide. If we talk about the current rechargematter, we can say that this process contains a whole series of procedures: checking, inspection, testing fire extinguisher; painting; new charging device; issuing passports and recharge the check.

The work carried out at the highest level that fully ensures good quality and effectiveness of the device. Furthermore,specialists perfectly and quickly determine the mass of the fire extinguisher, the pressure, check the probability of damage and, if necessary, change the idle nodes, shut-off triggers, seals and rubber gaskets. Ltd. « MIC » includes work on all models of carbon dioxide and dry powder fire extinguishers. A high-quality and fast recharge onzharotushitelnyh substances guaranteed at 100%.

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