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Imbilding or training intimate muscles

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In order to live a happy family life uniquely alone are not enough of platonic love, yousokih feelings and understanding. The fact that man does not live (or guided in his life) solely by the senses, a huge role is played here by the desire, the desire that reflect the natural and social essence of man. Therefore, one who claims that intimacy in marriage - is the second lesson plan, is deeply mistakenand certainly feels strange to him the problems and tension with your partner.

The desire for intimacy - it's not just a desire, but also the need, it is natural that you want to meet (unless the spouses are not 60 and it is enough platonic relationship). But differsChii from animals, man is the higher of its development and intimacy is not for him a purely physiological instinct.

Most of us want from this relationship something more technical and sensory terms. In this respect, a lot depends on the health status of the partners, which will allowis the most complete and long experience pleasure. But even here there is a snag, because, for example, even completely healthy female body can not have an orgasm, and this is solved by training the body and, in particular, intimate muscles.

This set of exercises called imbilding or fitness for intimnyh muscle women. By the way, in Moscow, you can go to the "Royal Club". A set of exercises allows us to develop the muscles in the intimate zone, which for one reason or another, are weakened and do not allow you to fully enjoy all the sensuality sex. In addition, regular classes will significantly strengthen the body, move the time of menopause.

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