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Which hospital in Moscow is better to choose

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Health of mother and baby is totally dependent on rebivaniya in hospitals perinatal type. The very first condition in these institutions must be observed all the amenities and availability of qualified personnel. Now they are fewer than a lot, but choose the one that will fully satisfy your requirements, it is very difficult. As for the city of Moscow, the maternity hospitals really are mtion for every taste and color. Therefore, in the process of selecting a place for the birth of the unborn child, is not superfluous to assess the quality of their services, it is worth reading reviews of hospitals, by the way, you can do so here:. Here is a brief overview of the most popular maternity hospitals of Moscow:

  • Maternity 14. Workssince 1940. Has several divisions: midwifery, pathological, laboratory, office ultrasound, diagnostic laboratory. This facility provides all services related to childbirth and pregnancy. At birth, all kinds of anesthesia, has all the necessary equipment. There is a general-purpose delivery room, shower and toilet on each floor;
  • Maternity them Filatov. Opened in 2010. Considered the most powerful and largest in Moscow, he also specializes in cardio - vascular disease. Services are all paid, there is a choice of anesthesia during labor and delivery, program delivery partner. Amenities are available in each ward (and a shower and toilet). Even living relatives after childbirth is allowed, but a fee. There are individual postnatal ward;
  • Maternity 29. Incorporates a very modern diagnostic equipment. A great advantage of this facility is that the department has a boxed system and co-leads all pregnantx who suffer from diabetes and other diseases. This hospital is the most positive and reliable, this never happened cases of loss of the mother or the newborn. Provides the most highly skilled help to European standards.
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