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What is a hydrocele (hydrocele)

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In adults, very often the disease is acquired, and the children within it is due to congenital furisms. Hydrocele or hydrocele - this accumulation of fluid between shell eggs, which results in the fact that it increases in size. In most cases, it does not bother neither men nor children. Acquired hydrocele occurs when chronic inflammation of the testicle, or if it is damaged. Its development is associated with testicular seal that does not work kato the right. Fluid accumulation occurs very slowly and quietly. The appearance of dropsy urination is painful.

haematocele - a hemorrhage into the cavity Hydrocele, which occurs in the form of injury. Congenital hydrocele occurs when the vaginal process of the peritoneum is iterated at various urovnyah inguinal canal and testis. This hydrops occurs in 10% of newborn boys, and also itself and disappears. on the genesis or severity of the disease:

  • According to the genesis: congenital and acquired.
  • According to the character: acute or chronic form.

Treatment only occurs mostly surgically. If operation is not done in a timely manner, it may cause the following problems:

  1. reduced potency;
  2. necrosis;
  3. squeezing the testicles;
  4. infertility.

It is very care and look after their health and well-being. As for newborn boys, it is also necessary to constantly keep an eye on her. If it does not pass through a period, then you need to see a doctor, and negligent handling can become a chronic diseaseand as a result, in the future, the boy may become infertile.

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