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What is the break-up and how to fight it

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Breaking - a serious condition that is directly connected with thedrug addiction. Breaking becomes clearly noticeable after receiving the second or third time addictive drug. But in some people the beginning of this period, a bit delayed and can last up to about two weeks.

If you use drugs five or six years, the break-up is already beginning to providea very serious threat to human health and life. And it is not strange that - when you meet an addict of 25 years, his body will function as a 80-year-old.
The symptoms indicating the beginning of the break-up, appear within 9-13 hours after the last dosing. It all starts with a strong irritability, anxiety, loss of anycontrol over their emotions and actions. May appear cold, strong salivation and lacrimation, chills, sweating. Then, eyes widen, begins vomiting, appetite disappears. Then increases blood pressure and accelerated heart beat, but the most important thing will be a lot of pain in the joints, bones and muscles. In this case, an addict can notsleep, he is constantly looking for new dose, why would it not worth it.

Thus, the removal of break-up is a necessary measure for the treatment of drug addiction. By the way, in Moscow is engaged in a rehabilitation center « Insight & raquo ;. Remember to use the tools that help to eliminate breaking is strictly prohibited for nRedel hospitals. It is therefore required hospitalization, strict supervision and treatment under the supervision of the psychiatrist. However, only the removal of breaking completely eliminates dependency and to full health need long and hard to treat.

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