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What is osteopathy

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Despite the fact that the human body is a complex and sophisticated happenings nature, the apex of the evolutionary process, he is also prone to various diseases, which relentlessly pursue him throughout history. Among them there are diseases that a person can effectively fight alone, without diagnosing their problems, but there is a pretty serious disease, diagnosis and treatmentwhich requires special knowledge and skills. In fact, all the medicine, which should solve these problems can be divided into two main groups: traditional and non-traditional (folk, alternative).

Just one of the areas of alternative medicine is. It is definedNoah kind of manual therapy, to put into practice the idea of ??diagnosis and treatment of diseases through laying on of hands. According to theorists of osteopathy, the primary cause of any disease is a violation of the relationship between the organs and systems of the body on the structural and anatomical level.

At the dawn of avoego development, at the end of the XIX century, osteopathy has been viewed as a kind of alternative to traditional medicine, in fact, a complete opposite of her. At the same time there has its own particular philosophical concept of osteopathy, formulated its founder Andrew Steele, an American surgeon, in the civil war, I bright critic ortodoksalnyh treatments. Based on this flatly denied all the traditional methods of treatment, including drugs.

Today, there are several different schools of osteopathy, which, however, do not have any common database.

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