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Who is the nurse and what services it provides

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The man, in spite of its high level of development, not stagnationrahovat different from force majeure or temporary circumstances that may affect his health and life. For example, as a result of surgical treatment, the effects of trauma or complex disease state may occur as a result of which a person temporarily or permanently unable to independently perform a variety of functions and actions. Thenalso observed in old age, when the body is much weaker, and the person may well need outside help in the implementation of their fundamentals needs and desires. In this and the previous case, care for the sick person (let's call it so) requires time and attention, sometimes quite long, requiring the family radically amendedenit your lifestyle in the flesh before dismissal, and this is a direct path to the lack of money. You can resolve this issue by using the services of professional nurses in the hospital and at home. By the way, if you want to find the Bi

, then visit the web site:

Profession nurse is quite individual, but at the same time and quite a multidisciplinary view of how much life and physiological problems have to solve during the day. In the list of services provided by nurses, there are several standard required so to speak. Among them can be distinguishedpour the following:

  • care for the client, which acts as sick or elderly people. This includes monitoring of the physical condition, adherence of the day, the physiological functions of medical prescriptions;
  • observance of sanitary gigienichesFIR norms rooms (cleaning, exchange, laundry, cooking, and so on. d.);
  • support the patient in a health care facility;
  • psychological support.
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