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The characteristic symptoms of transverse flatfoot

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About flatfoot in our country navernyaka mention made in the light of the impending recruitment into the armed forces of a State, as one of the diseases that are, so to speak, a ticket to freedom. Nevertheless, from the point of view of medicine - it is quite a common disorder that can quietly lead to much more serious consequences, such as the development of ballevyh syndromes in the joints, back, curvature posture, clubfoot, ingrown nails, more serious foot deformities, etc. Therefore, it is very important is early diagnosis and treatment of this disease, because to deal with consequences far more difficult, if not impossible. Of all the types of flatfoot, the most common so-calledcross-flat, so that the transverse arch of the foot flattens considerably. Consequently, starting with its front part rests on the ground directly metatarsal bones, leading to the fact that they begin to diverge to the side increasing the width of the foot and decreasing its length. To determine the transverse flat feet need to be consideredits characteristic symptoms. :

  • the same fatigue feet after the walk, and after static standing still;
  • the presence of regular pain in the legs and joints, especially in the evening, often accompanied by convulsions;
  • extensionfeet in front, predpaltsevoy parts thereof;
  • appearance of certain resistant discomfort or even pain while wearing high heel shoes;
  • there is a strong swelling of feet and ankles;
  • characteristic state of the shoe sole, whichmuch tread down and subjected to rapid wear, particularly on the inner side;
  • may be difficult to stand on tiptoe, as this begins to experience severe pain.

In addition, there is also a group of so-called external symptoms, which can be seens by visual inspection of the foot:

  • flattening of the transverse arch of the foot, which leads to uneven distribution of the load on the fingers. As a consequence, the thumb has a characteristic deviation to the side, while the average - a characteristic hammer form;
  • changes in the structureskin to the central part of which is due to the change in the usual load becomes more rough, there are frequent calluses, corns, and most importantly - a lot of pain when walking and wearing shoes.
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