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What are the ranks jewelers?

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grade 1.

Characteristics of work. Manufacturing flux chill. Annealing, rolling non-ferrous metals. Markings on the metal (brass, silver) geometricheskie figures, figures and ornaments. Sawing jigsaw outer contours of geometric figures, ornaments. Stripping, Scraping, sanding simple jewelry items. Spike individual parts of brass, silver base. Produce wire and ham rings of different sections.
Must know: technological sequence and the usual way of preparatory operations rolling, rolling, annealing, sawing techniques, sawdust, scraping, sanding individual jewelry items, types of auxiliary materials, metals and alloys used for the manufacture of jewelry;measuring, cutting, pollination, shabruvalny tools, techniques and rolling wire drawing and accessories; Soldering Tools and methods, process and methods of simple, hand-made jewelry with the number of parts to 4 h, the rules of construction and arrangement of geometric and floral designs inFigure; traditional techniques and drawing techniques, rules of construction objects; laws, rules, techniques and tools in the composition of the picture, the rules of design drawings, dimensioning rules; the practical application of geometric constructions, regulations on labor protection.
Fromprepara- tion and mounting:
1. Ring
2. Rings of detail up to 2
3. Pendants with many details to 3.

2nd rank

Characteristics of work. Productionmodel composition according to the formula under the direction of designer yuvelira- higher qualification. Performs preparatory operations prior to melting of the precious metal.
Weighing and is the charge for silver solders and alloys. Drilling holes of different diameters using simple devices and Bormiobus. Assembles and marks the geometric and floral designs on the metal workpiece. Production of conical deaf, conical krapanovy and delicate caste of silver alloys. Cut out geometric and floral designs on the outer and inner contours. Manufacturing of individual parts for rings, pendants, earrings with wireth lock (hook). Installation of the harvested parts rings, pendants, earrings with wire hook. Opilivaem, cleans soldering processes, cleaning, polishing the surface of the assembled product. Sharpening and dressing tool. Transfers from the drawing to the workpiece scan form products.
Must know: normative and legal acts in force in the jewelry industry of Ukraine; machinery and apparatus for melting metal, weighing, calculation of the charge on the silver alloys, metal alloy, education fluxes from white; technological sequence assembly rings , pendants, earrings with hooks; Technologyprocess of manufacturing cone caste (deaf, krapanovih, openwork), the device and methods of work with a drill, cut kinds of inserts and physico-mechanical properties of semi-precious stones; tolerances and specifications fit measurement; devices and tools, methods of sharpening and dressing tools, rules of construction and the arrangement of simple geometricthese forms in the figure, the rules create compositions based on problem solving symmetry premuvannya rhythm, contrast, monochrome, polychrome; stages of sketching jewelry, rules of construction axonometric projections, cross-sections, sections; assembly drawings; manufacturing process sequence of simple jewelry NESCOlkimi items (up to 5), which include the implementation of a sketch (drawing) jewelry and drawings.
Manufacturing and mounting:
1. Rings of detail to 4 h.
2. Pendants with coparts amount to 6.
3. Earrings with wire hooks.
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