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Problems of cyclists

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City dwellers who use bicycles as the main form of transport was the initiator of creationI led infrastructure. Indeed, in the city there are no reliable, convenient places for parking of bicycles, and those who have- skonstruyuvani wrong. Also there is no marking on the roadway, there are no bike paths and velodorog.
It is not always convenient to use the machine, and not everyone has the opportunity to keep a comfortable car, because repair costsnot cheap, that's some use bicycles, which is smaller in size and faster to ride.
Repair is much cheaper, for example, sometimes breaks such as a chain that connects the driven sprocket, which corresponds to the transmission. BMX circuit will require much wider than sports.
More important to know about replacing and assembling the wheel. EvenMechanics is not always correct and ocherednost make assembly, with reduced quality and reliability of your vehicle.
The important attribute has a choice seat, which should first beat comfortable. Narrow saddle will not keep you and give discomfort wide will rub the inside of the thighs.

More than six months lasted dischargeabotka program and 26 December City Council adopted a decision approving the Development Programme led infrastructure in the cities of Ukraine for 2014 - 2019. The purpose of this program is to implement a number of measures to create conditions for safe and easy use of the bicycle mode of transport residents and visitors alike.

The program callingsto meet the needs of existing cyclists, encourage daily use of the bicycle residents who use it regularly or just for recreation, and promote cycling.

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The first step in the implementation of the programlife is to create a permanent working group consisting of experts and members of the public that will follow the epitome of the program, to give their comments and suggestions.

The second shagom- changes to the strategic plan for economic development of the city.
and ordering schemes cycling road city singingexplanatory memorandum, which will contain the specifically defined types velodorog (bicycle paths, bicycle lanes), coating designation (labeling), proposals for device velodorog intersections with other elements of the road network, construction of bicycle racks, standards, their location, technical requirements on the device places for PAPark Slots bicycles. And also for the ongoing campaign to promote cycling in the city to comply with traffic rules, especially minors.

In cyclists already have an exemplary layout of bicycle paths.

- This scheme, which we have received as a result of work done velosepedistami, mediaand which were the engineers of roads, and architects, and those who use the bike every day, as the main form of transport. But this is a conceptual diagram, despite the fact that we were not in saturation studies on traffic areas, there was no other source of data. Therefore, this scheme was proposed velodorog as a basis for further investiresearch. Taking it as a basis scientists must conduct a study methods are used throughout the world.

- This whole campaign to popularize cycling as part of an integrated transport system of the city, which can and should solve a lot of the traffic problems of the city, because there are many examples of both countries and thirdof the world. Main task is to make the people understand and want to change on the bike, but in order to be made safe and comfortable environment.

According to the program, in 2014, to develop construction documents and equip bike paths in park "Jubilee".

However, as yet approved the budget of the mountainsode, it is impossible to say how much is allocated to implement the program.

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