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There are more than 30, about 40 kinds of cosmetics (medical) thenrgovyh brands worldwide manufacturers for body care, face, hair, men and women of all ages. This, which is represented in the network of pharmacies "Pharmacy Mirra".

This is not dangerous cosmetics:

1. Made according to unique technology, according to the precise requirements of the industry in farmatsetichnoth region;
2. It is hypoallergenic;
3. The effectiveness of treatment of cosmetics tested and approved by dermatologists better country.

The people working in this company farmatseptichnoy marking are all pharmacists. They are further special training, improve their skills, andalso can choose the ideal number you are interested and suitable cosmetics, advise on any product from the medical side, tell how to use this or that product.

Customers choose:

Men's shower gel, for real men « Hydra Mag C » Vichy (200 ml)
Thatnizuyuchy men shower gel, enriched with moisturizing ingredients. Gently cleanses your skin and hair types. Does not contain soap.
Universal liquid make-up remover soft feminine areas: face and eye « Pyurte » Vishy (400 mL)
Vichy zmyvka- zasob for sensitive skin and light-based micellar technology.Effectively cleans oily, normal or dry skin, and gently removes her makeup with sensitive parts of the face, eyes and lips.
Fast remedy against skin imperfections of local action Normaderm Vishy (Hyaluspot) (15 ml tube)
normaderm treating agent in the form of a transparent gel for the treatment of local inflammation.
Dezodorant ball Vichy 48 hours against white marks (50 mL)
dezod 48 Deodorant contains components that regulate excessive sweating, acting directly on the sweat glands.
oil for the prevention of stretch marks Weleda (100 ml)
wel_roz keeps the skin from moisture loss, improves skin elasticity and increases its elasticity.
Gel Weleda « Venadoron » toning for the legs (100ml)
venodoron is completely natural complex substances that improve the condition of the vessels.
Cream Bioderma Atoderm (500 ml)
bioderma- atoderm- krem- fb intensely nourishes and moisturizes the skin, prevents dehydration. Improves the appearance of the skin and restores its sense of comfort.
Cream Vichy Idealia BB (low tone)
bb- krem- vichy- idealia- bb- cream. Purshia BB cream VISHY, which, thanks to the unique formula with a complex of active ingredients and reflective particles that instantly restores a perfect complexion and skin condition.
Deodorant men Vichy ekstrasilnoj action 50 regulates excessive notootdelenie, non-blocking natural processes in the body. Does not contain alcohol.
Deodorant ball Vichy « Intensive Care »
DEZ_48_intens. dogljad has amminokompleksy herbal regulating excessive sweating. Quickly eliminates inflammation and soothes the skin.

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