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Tomography in the Mesozoic era

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In our time, probably will not find anyone who has not heard about the Computeernoy and magnetic resonance imaging. They are ettalonom in the diagnosis of various diseases. For example allows you to explore the state of the vessels and the heart, joints imaging - to see the degree of wear, and so on. D. What actually appeared tomography and what is it?

Paul Tafoforom - is the creators tomography insects developed a method of reconstruction of paleontology ancient insects that have been studied more than 100 years ago. These studies specialized in knowledge bearing insects in the time of the Mesozoic era. During this long period usually lost all analyzes conducted experiments on insects and insect chitin shell data weresaved, and will certainly be saved eternity in this environment - yantar- used frozen bark of certain trees.

In a certain period of maturation of the wood stands out very sticky resin, which hit the stick insects and remained there, unable to escape from sticky captivity. For example: bees, flies, Moorevi and spiders have virtually no chance to escape from the resin, the greater part hooked young resin, putting a little effort viderayutsya. Most insects have been found in the resin have a length of about 4 mm. Drawing attention to the folds quotes could make out whether living insect got into the resin, or the wind brought dead. EIf the position of the legs from the bottom gathered into a pile, then she was already dead. In a lively legs widely spread out, because she resisted and tried to push to get away from zagibeli from goo.

Images of three-dimensional vision started to get by radiographic amber, which invented in France for accurate andLearn the X-ray system of education ESRF. That's how this method of data collection is called micro-tomography. To collect this medical science tomograms need about 1000 radiographs from different samples. In this complex and difficult kropotkim scientists received the item naimelchaisheyu organism tiny insects.

Later on detailed structure dating insects is a plastic layout that allows visual examination of body structure and layout to keep the insects in their hands, while carefully penetrate into the study to create a clear progress in imaging.

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