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What is ofuro bath?

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Where to go to relax waiting for the next weekend? On a noisy party in any way, because you want to relax and unwind at the same time. One of the options have a positive, relaxing, relaxing holiday in the bath . For example perfect fit for our description of Japanese bath, which has long been known to allon - it ofuro.
First name itself scares, because she can land and the taste and color, but do not be afraid to try, Sune is much easier, all is not so exotic as many scare us. Meanwhile, it has advantages in the sense of medicine, not for nothing that the Japanese have a large number of the population, because they are at rest and cares about their health. They believe that if we combine all the elements together can achieve harmony and world peace. Thus the beat is created in order tospolzovat four elements; fire gives it its heat, water, in turn, gives moisture, then air covering our ferry and the earth imparts durability and reliability.

How do I determine that it ofuro bath?

Japanese bath is quite different from the familiar Russian bath. A quick glance at like a hugeth wooden barrel. Tree before using long and short passes preparation process, because you need to do everything right to get the expected result. Inside the barrel is attached structure similar to the stove, it is made of stainless steel. Sometimes you can find this design on the outside. For the comfort and full ofrespiratory inside fortify the bench and grille designed in order not to touch the hot stove. As you know the size of the bathhouse ofuro not as huge as in Russian or sauna.
bath ofuro often make at home, but you need to know a lot of little things to get the right result. It is necessary to select a special room, not the barrel nelly can not beat homemade, it is specially ordered. But the room when detailed knowledgesome little things you can equip themselves. It must beat the norm itself because if the room is small, it will be inconvenient, if large, it is difficult to maintain the desired temperature.
Bath can beat an attached around the house, or maybe as a separate extension, you decide.

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