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Ringworm: causes and treatment.

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Being in constant contact with nature, even in a big city, a person is exposed to the risk ofin infection and development of various skin diseases, which are accompanied by a characteristic rash symptoms and the presence of foci of itching on the skin.

A large group of diseases combined with a single term - zoster. In medical practice, there are several types denying that affect human(Ringworm, herpes, colorful, red, pityriasis, and so on. D.). All of them are different (classified) on such indicators as the causative agent (its appearance and shape), localization rash, rash typological characteristics and properties to spread.

The complexity of this disease is thatit has a sufficiently long period of validity, is characterized by a high risk of re-infection of the skin, a high probability and frequency of exacerbations. Also, do not blame the factor of psychological instability due to the obvious cosmetic defects of the skin. Among the main defendants in the list of agents of this disease are registered,usually, viral and fungal microorganisms. But the mechanism of infection, as well as its causes, is not known today.

Among the suspected causes can be identified:

  • stress;
  • emotional and physical reload;
  • infectious nature of the disease;
  • lowering of immunity;
  • as well as possibly a genetic predisposition.

The treatment of various types of depriving

Treatment of lichenmust begin with a comprehensive medical examination, which is inherited as a rule, various ointment treatments. Primenenyat this or that for its relief and a complete cure. What is an ointment to be applied depends on the nature of the disease (type of pathogens), as well as the type and character of the disease. In this case, to engage withamolecheniem is not necessary in any case. because the correct treatment can be prescribed only an experienced dermatologist.

For the treatment of fungal species depriving mazevidnye use different antifungal agents. Among the latter, the most effective and popular drug has clotrimazole. Maximum effecktivnost this drug observed in the treatment of tinea tinea-type caused by yeast. Besides him, widely used ointments such as:

  • mikoseptin (with ringworm);
  • Mikozoral;
  • Castellani (Fukortsin);
  • sulfur-wood tar ointment.

In the case of the treatment of herpes viral nature, in the course of entering the ointment with a strong antiviral effect. For example, in the treatment of lichen bubble type are widely used drugs:

  • Acyclovir (Zovirax);
  • Panavir (gel form);
  • Viru-Mers.

We should distinguish this type of lichen, like pink zoster. It belongs to the type of infectious disease, but the degree of infectiousness much lower, even in comparison with lichen fungal origin. For its effective treatment Primastored as a rule:

  • mash Tsintol;
  • ointment ftorokort and Lorinden.

Symptoms and treatment kozhnogabout the disease - depriving

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