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How can I insulate the roof of his house

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Roof - is to protect the house from the weather, so important is the question of its insulation. And so, to insulate the roof, you can either with your hands, or to order this service professionals. For example, in Ukraine can be ordered in the company "Insulation" . If you decide to do everything yourself, then for this you need to know some information.

First, the fact that the roof structure consists of 2 parts: the outer   and the interior. The roof belongs to the outer part, and the truss and floor slab to the inside. You can insulate as wooden house and stone on a single plan.

Always select the insulation material, not MFItaya, what part of the attic of the house you will operate. But if the attic is not the living room, then insulate the ego is not necessary. Here you can set the quality insulation. If the attic use as living space or attic posted here, then you need to think about how to insulate the roof of her.

Before you start doing the roof insulation with your hands, you first need to carefully learn the basic of her   design. Always repair the defects on time, it will be bad if you leave this job for later.

It is mandatory to check the quality of the rafters, if you see that some elements amazeddampness and rot, do not forget to replace them.

If you want to insulate the roof yourself - we recommend that you seek the advice of experts. People who are well versed in this, will tell you what material the beam selected for robots. At present, there are a lot of thermal insulation materials: fiberglassof mineral wool (glass fiber, basalt, penosklo, cellulosic materials, polystyrene) and other heaters.

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