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Influence of extender erection: truth and fiction

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In the early 1990s, the market for medical devices first appeared device cosdata specifically to increase penis length – . Over time, the device is improved, it became more convenient and efficient. But still around its use are many rumors, and one of the most common: the device leads to a deterioration of an erection. True or not – let's see!

To begin with, it is important to understand the mechanism of erection. Thus, the penis consists of three longitudinal bodies: two cavernous and spongy one surrounding the urethral canal. All these bodies have a spongy structure and are able to accumulate in the blood itself. In the process of sexual excitement filled with blood inside tissue compress efferent veins, and thereforethere is a gradual increase in pressure inside the penis, and it becomes harder, increasing in size.

Thus, the size of the penis during erection depends on the size of the corpus cavernosum and their ability nakapyvat blood (in volume). In turn extenders while wearing impactdirectly with the internal tissue of the penis, stretching them gradually. At the same time stretching the corpus cavernosum occurs a slight stretching of blood vessels, but because the first time they really « tired » and may lose elasticity.

However, this negative effect lasts throughout the districteskolkih week (usually less than 1 – 2) and then passes. In this case, a complete loss of erection out of the question: the penis becomes about 15 – 20% less stressful compared to his usual excited state. In this case, such an effect – result of wearing outdated (or belt loop) devices. They lead to a forehandinfusion of the base of the head can cause stagnation and deterioration of blood circulation in the penis.

Innovative models, such as PeniMaster PRO , supplied with vacuum head mounting. Through a combination of vacuum-locking and adhesion is achieved minimal impact on the heady, and its numbing and blue excluded. Fabrics also experiencing strong tension, because the penis is in a position close to a natural erection. Consequently, after the use of such devices is not only an erection does not deteriorate, and in 47% of cases becomes stronger and more prolonged.

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