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What you need to consider when choosing a conditioner

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For many, buying major appliances, including air conditioners, flooron the whole process of finding an acceptable price, familiarization with reviews and store choice supplier. Given the huge variety of shops offering to buy cheap air conditioners, you must first conduct a comparative description of the price / quality. How to do it? There are several parameters which are determined using the quality and reliability condiEPA.

  • Cooling capacity

This parameter indicates which area may cover this product. In other words, how many rooms it can be cooled with air conditioning. Power numbers are directly proportional to the cooling area. That is, the more powertechnique, the larger space can cool them. This takes into account, and the ceiling height, because in a small area, but the high ceilings, the total volume of the room is impressive.

  • The number of occupants in the room.

This number is important when buying a condoconditioner, because the more the number of working people in the room, the greater must be the capacity equipment. Even though a small utility area.

  • The number of glazed area.

The power conditioner should be greater, the more room area,occupies the windows. Because sunlight is not even a line on a bright sunny day, heats the room very much and the air conditioner operates at a higher power than the same room with the same area, but fewer windows.

  • The electrical power.
    • The heating of the air.
    • The presence of an inverter function.
    • Adaptable elements.

The index is directly proportional to the power of the air conditioner. If the capacity is small and is designed for normal living room, so air conditioning can even be connected to a conventional outlet.

Today, most air conditioners can not only cool the air, but also to heat it. This is useful if the room cools rapidly and must be heated in minutes. But there is one thing: buying air conditioning, pay attention to the performance of heating. Some of them are limited by the ambient temperature. I.e., There are instruments that can be turned on only when the heating air temperature 0 º C, have some limitation -5 º C, etc.

Over the last year has begun installation of air conditioners invert type. Yet it uses only massively Japan. We are also in the market you can buy a similar air conditioning. His earlyInca consists of a DC motor instead of AC. But such system saves energy by 33%. When the set temperature display, air conditioning old style simply stops the engine, while the instrument is inverted type just slows down the engine speed.

The presence of these elements makes it possible to reduce the wear and tear when using the air conditioner in the winter at low temperatures. The technique of the new generation are more adapted to such exploitation.

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