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Osteochondrosis: causes and treatment methods of its

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Diseases pursue a person throughout its history, but if you look on the flooron the issue from the point of view of the statistical frequency of manifestation, there is a logical conclusion: at various times, the most common illnesses were different, and last but not least, it depended on what kind of lifestyle is a person.

In the modern world, for example, one of the most common problems ised osteochondrosis - dystrophic violation of intervertebral cartilage. In physiological terms, this process is, in principle, is inevitable, because it is a consequence of the fact that man is a creature walked upright, which means that the intervertebral discs are constantly experiencing the load.

Among the reasons that cause timement of this disease is considered to be the major unhealthy lifestyle (diet, physical inactivity), overweight, beriberi - all that is uniquely associated with all office workers.

Methods of treatment of degenerative disc disease depends on what stage of the disease remains and whetherpronounced symptoms of complications (protrusions, hernias, and so. n.). In most cases, even with complications resort to conservative (therapeutic) treatments, when used, and other methods, which aim to pain relief (in the presence of the latter), as well as the restoration of body functions and subsequent preventic of the disease.

techniques employed to achieve the corresponding effect a lot, such as physical therapy, chiropractic, reflex, traction therapy, selection of proper diet, work with a psychologist, and so on. D.

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