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How to easily save money when unforeseen expenses?

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We live in uncertain timeson, when the question of the accumulation of money requires more complex answers. You can not live a day, not to spend their hard-earned money. All the more common satirical saying: « live now expensive! & Raquo ;. But if you do not go on about in the traffic of conventional mental principles, you can find simple basicrules in order to achieve this goal.

First you need to simplify and generalize the situation in which we all have to live every day. We have income and expenses. Each of these figures has two types:

  1. Foresight (permanent paper cash flow).
  2. Emergency.

The first indicator is rather predictable, and the second is closely related to financial risk management. It is important to understand that if a person spends less than it earns – it means that he lives in prosperity and constantly improves its condition. But if a person earns in a year 1000 000, and spends 1,020 000 year – means he is serious financial problems and he soon burdened with debts that make him a beggar. Analysis of income and expenses is the main stem, which is based on any financial management.

The calculation of the amount of money and its rate of accumulation

Now the important question: how much you need and for what period of time, this goal is achievable? The rules of the risk of investment planning can be found, the maximum allowable threshold for investments in the investment object with the lowest possible risk indicators – 20% of total equity. No more than 1/5 of the possible risk in the most secure mustacheditions. It is logical to take this figure to accumulate cash. After all, the purpose for which the money piling up – may not require more than an investment object.

If we earn $ 1000 a month, we can not afford to save more than $ 200 per month. After all, we can not predict the future,also impossible to anticipate contingencies. Plus a high standard will significantly complicate our lives in which we used to spend about a month for as long as we earn. This can lead to negative consequences. For example, poor quality cheaper food can affect the health and consumptionacce unexpected drug costs. Furthermore should establish a corridor boundary values ??at the postponement of the income for the accumulation of funds.

Every month we accompany foreseen and unforeseen income and expenses. So do not rigidly hold the bar 20%, and need to treat it as granichnomu value of not more … On the other side of the limit value should be set not less than 1%. In any case, you will earn more than you spend. A contingency income (for example, $ 1200 after receiving a bonus gain) you may be able to delay no longer $ 200 and $ 240. Are the 20% of 1200. Thus, you can easily Praedthose to the goal, and your path will be wise.

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