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Disease: inflammation of the sinuses (sinusitis)

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Worse than not that a condition where you have runny nose « & raquo ;, flows you billetingchhaesh continuously and it seems that the head is no longer stand the pain. But it is just a common cold runny nose, or caused by a particular virus. It can be treated, digging or washing the nose, ordinary drops, bought at the pharmacy, you can hover legs or put warm salt on the nose.

But if for seven dit such a treat runny nose does not pass, and after three days of treatment you rising fever, you should immediately consult a doctor. Average simple runny nose, can develop into a more serious disease – inflammation of the sinuses, among the people, just,.

The disease can sinusitis yesbe very large complications can inflame the optic nerve, or sheath of the brain (meningitis), and can happen purulent lesion of bone around the sinus. But, anyway, the diagnosis of sinusitis, you may put a doctor after initial examination, X-rays and test results. That doctor will prescribe treatment, this includes, antibiotiki, sprays and drops from the nose, as well as anti-puffiness.

If this treatment does not help, your doctor may refer you to a surgeon for consultation, followed by surgery. In order to avoid escalating the ordinary common cold in sinusitis, performs simple rules: Wash often psciences, do not smoke or drink alcohol, avoid polluted air and cigarette smoke, as it causes irritation in the airways.

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