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The interior design of the caf?. Design courses.

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"Dad, look, it's a forest! Probably, there lives a fox! A Maugert and Baba Yaga? Won her hut! "- This review - the best estimate for the children's cafe, which may sound out of the mouth of the child. It should be comfortable, pleasant there, socialize, relax. That is why the interior of the cafe is sure to be well thought out.

The first step - definitionsubject institutions. Even if it's just a restaurant, where you can just sit, drink coffee and talk with friends, style is no less important.

There are many solutions, but everything depends only on the customer's design and professionalism of a designer. Cafe for children can be arranged in the style of a fairy tale, with tables, stumps, tables, Mukhomorami and other items.

Lovers of exotic oriental motifs fit. For example, you can beat the theme of the tea ceremony. Pastel-colored walls, low tables, bamboo mats and other typical eastern parts will help to create an atmosphere of detachment from external noise. For more information about how to properly tvorit interior design, you can read the blog author:

The design of the cafe can be realized fantasies of the Chinese pagoda or mystical carnival.
A cozy cafe and will, in the style of hi-tech. The successful combination of modern materials can give an excellent result and a cozy atmosphere in the end. A coolingshine of metal can be combined with warm and intense colors. Lighting plays an equally important role than decoration materials. The brighter the light, the wider space it seems, dimmed lights give comfort, intimate atmosphere.

In every cafe must be provided tables of different sizes, for differentthe number of visitors.

It is also a good solution will polukabinety designed for 7-10 people. This is a great place to meet friends, small corporate events and banquets. May be relevant tables for business communication, located in the least noisy of the room. Corner tables can be replaced with soft seatssofas.

The central part of the cafe is usually equipped with a breakfast bar. This area should be thought through very carefully, because it was she who serves as a starting point for the formation of the interior cafe.

Do not get stuck on one style. Fashion changes, new mothers are availablely, designers are finding new ideas. The interior should evolve over time, as visitors get tired of the monotony. They want to see a new, beautiful and modern cafe, then you need to give it to them.

Author Tamara Pirova.

Author: Artlife
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