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Prostate Cancer: How is the treatment in Israel?

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After 50 years, husbandranks fall into a special risk group – they have often observed prostate cancer. The greater age – the greater the chance of developing the disease. Its root causes are:

  • the impact of carcinogens;
  • prostatic hyperplasia;
  • genetic predisposition.

However, this disease is not a sentence. Cancer treatment in Israel for a long time already showing good results, and Israeli hospitals are taking citizens of all countries. To record to the doctor and discuss all issues concerning the need to visit a health portal - - there is all these should beimaya information (information about Israeli hospitals and doctors, contact a company that helps with the organization of treatment in this country).

The benefits of treatment in Israel

The patients are increasingly choosing exactly Israeli clinics, as they have several advantages over other lechebnitsami world:

  • the price of the treatment is about 20% lower than in Europe and the US;
  • the presence of choline PET;
  • the use of cutting-edge techniques PSMA, which prevents tumor metastasis;
  • Use the Da Vinci robot in surgery;
  • the possibility of radiation therapy instead of operations;
  • preservation of potency.

A diagnostic program

The standard program of diagnosis of prostate cancer consists of:

  • thorough diagnosis;
  • choose the right treatment.

The survey consists of the following procedures:

  • detailed analyzes of blood and urine;
  • ultrasound of the genitourinary system;
  • check biopsy;
  • uro-oncologist inspection;
  • CT three cavities;
  • radioisotope study of bones.

All these surveys etc.Wires promptly. Usually after 3-4 days, doctors can already prescribe treatment.

What do I need for operation?

For the operation to radical prostatectomy in clinics in Israel, the patient should expect that it will be necessary preoperative preparation, express biopsiya, the final histopathology and, of course, disposable surgical supplies. The operation lasts long, but after it is necessary to pay for their stay in the House on a four-day period.

The cost of surgery depends on its complexity, the need of using any expensive equipment and applyMykh medications.

Rehabilitation after treatment

After being discharged from the hospital in Israel must also remain for 10 days under the supervision of doctors. The fact that the patient is released from the catheter, which is allowed to withdraw only on the 14th day after the operation.

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