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What is the disinfection

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Disinfection - a set of activities that are intended to destroy harmful insects. She including Thecludes and prevention. These insects include household ants, cockroaches, lice, rodents, fleas, etc.

Rodents bring harm to their neighborhood, ie spoil the harvest, transmit various diseases and simply behave as masters in our house. From the earliest centuries, they were intruders in almost every home andsince then trying to deal with them. Today cope with the intruders will help you specialized companies, for example, in the suburbs - it is.

The most effective method was poison, which spiked in mice. Today you can find in specialty stores and different kinds. And also use trapsand. But certainly after a rodent is caught, it is necessary to ventilate and sprinkle it, it will help eliminate odor repellent other animals. Today, the majority use bait for mice and rats. This is food for them, which holds a poisonous substance. Rodent that tried this poisoned food, dies after 410 days. Previously, these pre-preparations were popular enough, because after them dead rodents on the premises and from them over time was an unpleasant smell, but now they are designed so that pests are beginning to choke and look for open space.

If we talk about methods of destruction of them, they are divided into 3 types: physical, chemical and biologistof sul. The physical method is that by using, disinfected with chemical agents, and biological - using other insect or animal.

Modern methods of insect control is very effective and in addition, are safe for human life.

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