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What is the level and what is it for

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The fact that the construction industry in our country has a fairly highgrowth, probably no one will doubt and drops. Private and safe home every need, but what is it reliable?

On this subject can be discussed for a long time, however, it all starts with laying the foundation - because it is the basis of everything. It is worth the entire house and its reliability and quality of HeadISITO durability and reliability of the entire building. But to make a good base for the design a little.

It is important that it is perfectly flat, the walls are not that future costs, such as ships at sea. That's pretty important, considering not the smooth terrain (such generally find quite difficult, if not impossible).

But how to determine the correct location of all points on the big polschadi design and space? To do this, the builders used a geodesic instrument as level. By the way, in Ukraine, you can buy high-quality optical in the 1st online store surveying equipment: GEOMARKET .

In fact, the level is used not only in construction - precisely because it is carried out surveying terrain modeling and drafting future topographic maps with the specified height difference. It was on the measurement of the excess height and based his work, and thus ITOgove result.

Structurally, level consists of an optical telescope (expandable), which is located on a horizontal platform that rotates around its axis by 360 degrees. Each level is equipped with a level indicator on which exhibited its horizontal position (fit waspmented adjusting screw).

Some models are equipped with a special compensator, which automatically results in its normal operating position.

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