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Take care of the children because they are our future

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The children - our future. But, unfortunately, today some adults forgetm this. As a result, children suffer from the fact that parents treat them with indifference, cold. I am very sorry for those children whose parents are alcoholics. Imagine how hurt their psyche. This is a pity, in my opinion, to drink and not worry about his bloodless. And then Andreev RP - employee portal will tell us about the problem of child alcoholisma.

Many children are still at a very early age start to drink alcohol, smoke, and even worse - inject or snort drugs. And all because parents fed them for this example. If the father comes home drunk, begins to curse and beat a woman, of course, who else can this pattern be left in memory of the child? RearEntire do not even need to answer this question.

It is a pity the children because they are the future, if you do not stop taking the example of the parents, will never be respected and well. However, there are exceptions to every rule. This also applies to children who have parents millionaires. They do not drink, do not argue, constantly worried about theirchild. The children, in turn, may be related to "bad" company. Here you can not guess. But in any case, try to spend more time with the children, talk to them, take care of them. When kids are small, then the care we are the same. As soon as the children grow up, sleepless nights continue, but in a more alarming mode.

Dear parents! Take care of your children, love and cherish them even from childhood. Nobody knows what awaits them in the future. Perhaps for them cooked more serious test than you. Remember that your krovushki have to remember you as the best parents and their children, your grandchildren, tellingWhat a wonderful and loving you.

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