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Despite the significantly higher and superior to most indicators of the level of development, all people also podverwives of various diseases. You could even say that they actually pursue his heels. Particularly difficult and dangerous are the diseases that are the direct consequence or proceed with the inflammatory process. Such processes may occur not only in the lungs (which is the most famous and probably frequent manifestation inflametion processes), but also in other organs and systems.

A special group of diseases are inflammatory processes that originate and occur in the reproductive system, particularly in the testes. From a medical point of view (or rather - terminology), this is called inflammation. Externally, the disease is accompanied by viewsimym increase in the size of the eggs (and sharp, almost instantaneous) through the development of edema or accumulation of the protein shell precipitates in the seminiferous tubules.

In terms of etiology, that is, the causes of the disease, orchitis is an acute complication of some infectious diseases (eg, fever,influenza, mumps, gonorrhea). Besides contributing to the predisposing factors are:

  • the effects of trauma in the groin area;
  • increased physical activity;
  • general decline in immunity;
  • serious recooling.

of infection in the testicle itself occurs most frequently hematogenous route. In terms of symptoms, apart from the obvious large eggs, body temperature rises, as well as strong, smack in the groin pain.

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