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What vegetables are the best vitamin and how to grow them properly?

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Everyone knows that vegetables – it is a storehouse of vitamins, macro and micronutrients. But few Dogadovyvaetsya that today, unfortunately, the number of such substances in reduced times compared with what was previously – 50-60 years ago. What was the reason for this situation? &Ndash; Farmers that the main aim is not the quality of the product sold, and the number and size. Saturation of soil chemical and other dressingstheir unscrupulous tricks to reduce the opportunity to get a healthy meal.

But who stops you from the very start to grow these crops, especially if there is an excellent and reliable assistant – ?

Benefits of vegetables

Vegetables saturate human organsgp organic acids, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and so he useful. Every day you must receive a certain dose of these substances to be full of energy and health!

Of course, this effect is desirable is their raw, without heat treatment.

Vitamins in ovosoup

Broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, peppers, lettuce contain a large number of one of the most important vitamins – group C, and that is known under the name of ascorbic acid. She is responsible for the protective barriers in the body from various infections, allergens, as well as the release of vessels from fatcells and even to overcome stressful conditions.

Vitamin A or retinol, primarily located in the carrots. It affects the vision to « stretching » human growth, on the work of some of its organs – adrenal, thyroid, liver.

Group D   (D2 and D3) onis in the potato tubers. This vitamin affects the metabolic processes, as well as to strengthen the bones and the normal functioning of the blood.

Beet, all kinds of cabbage,   legumes (beans and peas) are full of vitamins of the B (riboflavin, thiamine, etc.) group, which affects the overall health of that including Thechaet and external and internal health.

Terms of embarkation

On the land should be planted a variety of vegetable plants. It is important to take into account while their root systems and methods for power. That they are constantly fed the desired item, you need to change the position of each culture ogOrod or in a greenhouse for five years, since the soil is depleted from the same species and in the latter gives a bad harvest. &Nbsp;              

Early variety of cabbage and radishes, dill, lettuce and other vegetables ripening need to plant a film for rapid development. If your site is very smallThen drop them in front of the later crops: tomatoes, cucumbers, etc.

sorrel, rhubarb, tarragon and other similar plants for many years are growing their own, so they should be given a separate piece of land. &Nbsp;  

Remember, to ensure fulla variety of vitamins in vegetables each family member needs an area of ??42.5 m 2 .

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