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Where to apply linseed

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Every nation the world has its own separate cultural identity,their traditions and views on the same things and processes. This also applies to the list of plants and materials used in traditional livelihoods, industry and everyday life.

For example, in our latitudes, especially in our country is very popular and in demand in all ages crop is flax. He has longtime served traditional raw material for the manufacture of cloth, which in turn became material for shirts, pants, and other clothing items. Today flax is also relevant in the light industry, more than the products made from flax and particularly appreciated the quality and durability, and their effect on our body. Also, flax, etc.ochnee its seeds are the main raw material for a variety of food and medical products and tinctures. You ask and where you can buy flax? In the days of the internet the easiest option is to board "Agrotender." To find linen you simply select the tab and the other with / crops are available at the best prices.

You should know that flax seeds are widely used in nutrition and cosmetology, as one of the main components of different cosmetics, in particular skin care and nail care. Tinctures and preparations (including prepared yourself) have strikingly effective influence on the entire body. In particularscientifically validated antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, sedative, analgesic, healing, soothing effect.

The use of flax seed, as components of therapeutic agents, beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system, normalizes blood pressure, prevents the development of blood clots, effectivenessactively removes toxins from the body, has a positive effect on the immune system, vision, joint health. Especially shown decoctions of flax seed ulcers and gastritis. Benefit of their sale is not restricted in any drugstore and you can freely buy this miracle cure.

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